Currently reading: Uncertain UK future for Honda Accord
Falling sales and a weak D-sector could prompt Honda to leave the next Accord off the UK sales list

There is no “concrete plan” to replace the current Honda Accord in the UK, according to company insiders.

Like other cars competing in the cut-throat mainstream D-sector, Accord sales have been hit as drivers are forced by CO2-based taxation to downsize into Golf-class cars.

The rising popularity of compact SUVs is also undermining the European D-sector. UK sales of the Accord have slipped from about 10,000 per year to about 2500.

Importing the Accord from Japan also seriously depresses the car’s profitability because of the strength of the yen against sterling.

Currently, 93 per cent of Honda’s UK sales are of cars made in Britain, resulting in the Accord becoming a niche model alongside the CR-Z and Insight hybrids.

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FreakRunner 30 July 2012

Seems Mr AudiA5 has broken

Seems Mr AudiA5 has broken down in his POS 320 Tourer...

Shoulddda bought a Honda...LMFAO

FreakRunner 29 July 2012

Three days on and no sign

Three days on and no sign from the BMW loving Mr AudiA5...

Probably gone to fix his German repmobile...or he's stuck in snow somewhere!

FreakRunner 28 July 2012

BMW - The Ultimate POS

BMW - The Ultimate POS Driving Machine.

Very telling that the 320 Touring-tool has suddenly taken a sabbatical on this topic. Clearly out of his depth and knows nothing about Honda cars or their engineering excellence.

To be expected I suppose - especially when you're so f'd up in thinking that a poverty-spec 320 Touring is somehow "all the car you ever need". Yeah right! LMFAO!!

Fan-boi-ism I can deal with, but sheer utter stupidity I cannot. Stay in your hole Mr Audi-A5-foolio.