Sales up again in May - but the industry is now expected to head into decline
4 June 2010

The UK’s new car registrations rose for the 11th consecutive month in May- but industry body the SMMT believes the market will now head into decline.

Scrappage ended earlier this year and the final few cars purchased under the scheme were registered in May. The ending of this scheme, coupled with continued economic uncertainty, is expected to see car sales in 2010 end up lower than in 2009.

May’s registrations were up 13.5 per cent on the same month last year; 153,095 units in total were registered in the month.

SMMT chief executive Paul Everitt is now calling on the new coalition government to deliver a strong emergency budget to help fend off the expected decline in the new car industry.

“May was another good month for the UK new car market, although we expect the coming months to be extremely challenging,” he said. “It is essential that the upcoming emergency budget promotes consumer and business confidence to maintain economic recovery.”

The Ford Focus was the UK’s best-selling car in May ahead of the Vauxhall Astra and Ford Fiesta.

Top 10 cars sold in May

1. Ford Focus - 7163 units registered2. Vauxhall Astra – 67343. Ford Fiesta – 66194. Vauxhall Corsa -59505. VW Golf – 43146. BMW 3-series – 37327. VW Polo – 37218. Mini - 34459. Nissan Qashqai – 335910. Audi A3- 3093


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4 June 2010

No Scrappage - No Korean cars in the top 10.

4 June 2010

BMW outsells Honda in UK by two to one. Mercedes sells nearly as many cars in UK as Toyota. Whatever happened to the conquering Japanese?

Take away Nissan, or more precisely its sole seller Qashqai, and the Japs have been buried in UK, from a position of domination less than 20 years ago. Remarkable.

Honda is in danger of being outsold by Skoda. Can Honda survive in UK, Europe?

4 June 2010

As long as we never see another scrappage scheme - it's deeply unenvironmental, it's an artificial life support machine to an industry which must learn to stand up on its own feet, and it was disastrous for classic cars.

4 June 2010

Here we go...Paul Everett moaning again. You think he'd be grateful for the help the motor industry has received so far, other sectors of the economy have had no help whatsoever.

I understand the coalition government are reviewing the funds which had been earmarked by the previous administration to help the motor industry in the future.. Hopefully they will use it more fairly in other ways (and to help sectors which are more appreciative...) .

4 June 2010

Amazingly, this news was featured in BBC news this morning. I thought the BBC charter forbade good news connected with anything automotive.

5 June 2010

nicksheele hey dude can u tell me the link of the site i want to see the top ten car manufacturers,in germany, uk in first quarter 2010 and even may 2010 car glad to hear frm u that skoda with only 5 cars in their range are giving problems to honda.

7 June 2010

[quote nicksheele]the Japs have been buried in UK, from a position of domination less than 20 years ago[/quote]

Sorry I must have blinked, I don't recall the Japanese dominating the market 20 years ago. I'm sure you'll have some stats to corroborate your point though.

I think the last I heard, the UK plants of the Japanese car firms were doing pretty well in terms of both efficiency and export performance. It's the German market you should be worrying about Nick, it's fallen off a cliff this year which can't be good for your favourite carmakers. Maybe something to do with the Germans lending their Euros to their less prudent Eueozone friends.

7 June 2010

[quote nicksheele]



Now I know you're Horse'n'cart - that good old habit of supplying links to stories that go against your own point (YoY sales up 26%, UK built sales up 52.1% so, errr, imports presumably didn't do so well).

Looking at the silver lining rather than always focussing on the cloud, it's great to see the British-built Astra doing so well in May - it's a very good car and long may it continue!

7 June 2010

[quote CambsBill]it's great to see the British-built Astra doing so well in May -[/quote]

It is good to see the Astra doing quite well but shouldn't it be doing better against the now very old Focus. Both are fleet/company car specials and there are some real give away deals on the Astra at the moment.

Just an observation but 5 of the top 10 (including the BMW Mini) are German. In fact, aren't most Focuses made there too? Not good for the balance of trade deficit is it.


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