Currently reading: UK driving licences may be invalid in EU after a no-deal Brexit
The Department for Transport has warned that International Driving Permits may be needed in a no-deal Brexit situation

UK driving licences may be invalid across the EU from March 2019 if no Brexit deal is reached, the Government has warned.

A document released by the Department for Transport (DfT) states that your driving licence could "no longer be valid by itself when driving in the EU” and that an International Driving Permit (IDP) might be required at all times.

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Currently, less than 100 Post Offices in the UK sell IDPs, but that figure could increase to 2,500 from 1 February 2019. Further warnings from the DfT include the possibility of not being able to exchange your licence for a domestic one if you move to an EU country. 

Conversely, people holding EU driving licences would still be allowed to drive in the UK without requiring any additional paperwork. “The UK does not require visiting motorists… to hold a separate IDP to guarantee the recognition of their driving licence,” the DfT said.

The document admits that a no-deal Brexit is an unlikely scenario “given the mutual interests of the UK and the EU in securing a negotiated outcome” but says that millions of motorists need to be aware of the potential new rules as a precaution.

AA president Edmund King said the need for an IDP would be "an extra burden for UK drivers wanting to take a holiday abroad”. He also claims the organisation is “disappointed that from the end of January next year, the AA will no longer be permitted to issue IDPs, as we have done for decades”. 

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The Apprentice 13 September 2018

I may be wrong, it was a long

I may be wrong, it was a long time ago, but I seem to remember (pre/early EU days?) your driving licence used to have an International Driving Licence already printed on the back, it contained the required information in several languages. Simple.

Like all Brexit 'problems', they can be easily solved, but of course we are being played with project fear overdrive to make us accept Chequers. Which must not happen.

Personally I am looking forward to picking up a bottle of Gordons duty free every time I pass through an airport post Brexit.


Peter Cavellini 13 September 2018

Who what where?

  After the divorce Europe will have its stay together, read last Week Italy might be next to show two fingers to Eu....?!

The Apprentice 13 September 2018

Peter Cavellini wrote:

Peter Cavellini wrote:

  After the divorce Europe will have its stay together, read last Week Italy might be next to show two fingers to Eu....?!

They won't be allowed. Its not even certain yet that we will leave, the EU has too many stooges in power here trying hard to circumvent it. Italy is even worse and more over a barrel to the EU than us. They can tighten the screws on them until they wouldn't dare leave. For us, this was our last chance. Juncker made it clear this week in his address the aim is to remove the veto among members, once that happens your stuck forever.

mysteryx 13 September 2018

EU and Britain

One thing to remember, how many BMW, Audi's and Mercedes Benz cars do your seen on the road vs home grown cars, the BBC (Black Broadcasting Corporation) tell’s so many lies