Sales in western Europe increased by 10% in 2015, petrol-electric models account for 30% of cars sold
25 May 2016

Toyota is aiming to become the biggest hybrid brand in Europe, with sales of petrol-electric models now accounting for 30% of its sales in western Europe.

Speaking to Autocar, Karl Schlicht, executive vice president of Toyota Europe, said Toyota’s western European sales climbed by around 10% last year, rising to 874,000 units.

Sales in Russia and other smaller markets in the same region dropped by 35% as a result of economic sanctions and the collapse in oil prices. Even so, Schlicht said that Toyota’s 120,000 sales in Russia were “still profitable”.

Schlicht was bullish about models such as the Yaris, sales of which reached a record high even in the fifth year of the model’s life. Toyota is also hoping that the Volkswagen Golf-rivalling Auris will finally break a 3% market share as it becomes the fourth best-selling model in Europe’s C-sector private buyer market.

Last year, Toyota sold around 270,000 hybrids. Schlicht revealed that 60% of Auris sales in Europe are petrol-electric hybrids, as are 40% of Yaris sales.

Schlicht added: “Orders for the new RAV4 crossover are running at 40% of our total orders, but we can’t get enough supply from the factory.”

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Toyota Auris

The new Toyota Auris is super-rational and a good ownership proposition, but it lacks character and dynamics of the best in class

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25 May 2016
If not I'd be interested to know who is. Perhaps what Schlicht meant was that Toyota intends to remain on top despite growing competition from European rivals?

25 May 2016
I think Toyota should start to use the same engine as in the Lexus IS 300H - this configuration is used in the Camry in Oz. I was most impressed with the power in the Camry taxi in which I travelled in Melboourne last year. Here the Toyotas have that asthmatic 1.8 engine. They could start by placing the larger engine in the Avensis for example. I'd have bought a IS 300H had it had a spare wheel or even a saver spare.

25 May 2016
Totally agree - I've looked at an IS300H but have always been put off by the saloon body and price. Equally an Auris Estate Hybrid doesn't have quite enough punch. Drop the 300H engine into either an Auris or Avensis estate (preferably both) and it would make an interesting package.

25 May 2016
I agree, I have been asking for years for the 2.5l hybrid powertrain in an Avensis Tourer. However, as there is every chance that the Avensis will not get a direct replacement we are unlikely to see that.

26 May 2016
Does anyone know what's currently going on with the research into free piston linear generator range extenders?

This could be a total game changer if they can pull it off.

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