Currently reading: Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell software glitch prompts recall
Issue could lead to output exceeding maximum voltage; a software change is being applied to all 2843 cars

Toyota Mirai models are being recalled after it was found a software glitch could lead to voltage of the hydrogen fuel-cell drivetrain to exceed maximum limits.

The full run of 2843 customer cars are affected and Toyota is rolling out a software update to address the issue.

A Toyota spokesman told Autocar that the issue only arises in the unique circumstance when a driver accelerates hard after the car has been travelling downhill for more than one minute using cruise control.

When this happens, there is a risk the output voltage of the fuel-cell boost converter can exceed maximum levels, forcing a system shut down.

In the UK, where there are currently around 28 customer Mirais, a recall has been issued and owners are being contacted individually. Customers in other global regions, including Japan, the US and Middle East, are also being offered the software update.

No known incidents have been caused by the issue, and the software update is said to fully rectify the problem.

The Mirai offers a range of more than 300 miles. It is priced from £66,000 in Britain.

Does the Toyota Mirai prove the hydrogen car has a future?

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