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Spokesman denies temporary plant closures are related to recalls

Toyota is temporarily shutting down its Burnaston and Deeside plants - but denies the move has anything to do with the current recalls on its cars.

Production had been set to stop for a week at the Burnaston factory in Derbyshire and the Deeside plant in Wales before Easter. That stoppage has now been extended by another working week and will now run from 29 March to 9 April.

The production halt affects 3500 workers at Burnaston, which makes the Auris and Avensis, and 500 on Deeside, which produces engines.

A spokesman explained: "These shutdowns were instigated months ago, as part of plans to reduce two production lines into one in light of sales predictions for the year. On top of that, we need to prepare for the Auris hybrid."

Toyota is also pushing ahead with a voluntary redundancy programme to cut 750 staff over the two plants, in what it describes as an "efficiency drive".

Meanwhile, the head of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, has bowed to mounting pressure and agreed to appear before the US Congress to answer questions about the current spate of recalls. He had initially insisted that he would not testify.

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kdwilcox 19 February 2010

Re: Toyota closure 'not recall related'

The USA is a big market for Toyota and when tha US Congress wants

some one from Toyota to answer questions,the boss has to go.

He may well not be the most knowledgable person but to send his

number 2 or who ever may well land Toyota in more trouble than they

are in now.

As for the 'grandstanding of a few hick backwoodsmen' well that may well

be the case,but he has to be carefull.

You say he is more powerfull than they will ever be,not in the USA he is not,

in the USA he is the hick not them.

Congress have a great deal of power in the States ,Toyota are in a lot trouble

in the States,Congress could make that a hell of a lot worse.

The boss has no choice but to go there and fight his corner,and hope he can win.

ordinary bloke 19 February 2010

Re: Toyota closure 'not recall related'

noluddite wrote:
At least he's not up in front of Mandelson.
Mandelson is just an irrelevance who is on his way out in the next few months, and could justifiably be ignored.

noluddite 19 February 2010

Re: Toyota closure 'not recall related'

Look on the bright side. At least he's not up in front of Mandelson. That really would be demeaning.