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Toyota has been cleared of unintended accelaration claims following a 10-month investigation

Toyota has been cleared of unintended accelaration claims to its cars causing vehicles to speed up without driver input.

The 10-month investigation into the case found “no electronic-based cause for unintended high-speed acceleration in Toyotas,” US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said in a statement. “We feel that Toyota vehicles are safe to drive,” LaHood added.

With the findings, Toyota’s shares jumped 5.2 per cent in Tokyo on Wednesday and rose by more than 4 per cent on Wall Street overnight.

Despite the company’s clean bill of health, however, LaHood also said that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) was considering new regulations to improve safety on new cars.

These could include brake-override systems, keyless ignitions as standard and the implementation of data recorders.

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