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Lexus is planning a low CO2 version of its GS executive saloon, which could emit CO2 as low as 119g/km
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13 June 2012

Lexus engineers are working on a super-frugal version of the new GS Hybrid according to company sources. Although the new 3.5-litre V6 GS450h has a CO2 rating, depending on specification, of between 137g/km and 141g/km, Lexus bosses recognise that the executive car market in Europe is increasingly dominated by four-cylinder diesel-engined models.  

The new hybrid model will arrive in the second-half of 2013 and is likely to use a downsized six-cylinder petrol engine. Referring to the new four-cylinder Audi A8 hybrid, Yoshihiko Kanamori, chief engineer said that the need for in-cabin noise cancellation to improve refinement in the German car was one of the reasons that a Lexus GS ‘could never have a four-cylinder engine.’  

Although the Japanese company would not reveal more about the new GS Hybrid (potentially badged GS350h)  it is possible that it will use a version of the 204bhp 2.5-litre V6 engine that is fitted to the new GS250. Hitting a CO2 figure of 119g/km - matching the BMW 520ed - is the likely aim of the new model. It would, though, also offer higher performance than the four-pot BMW.  

The UK has long been Lexus’s best market in Europe, but the brand has suffered a significant collapse in sales since the 2008 credit crunch. Sales hit 15,130 units in 2007, before dropping to just 8270 in 2011. Lexus UK expects to shift 9300 cars this year, rising to 15,000 in 2015, no doubt helped by the new super-frugal GS model. Lexus sold 410,000 units globally in 2011, with ‘60-70’ percent being sold in the US. 



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Flash Harry 14 June 2012

Lexus will continue with

Lexus will continue with petrol hybrid regardless of Europe.Who can blame them as sales are buoyant elsewhere and Europe is a small market for them

artill 13 June 2012

I love the idea of a car this

I love the idea of a car this size with a 6 pot getting down to 119g/km, it shows how daft the Euro test is, and how the test can be beaten by clever engineers.

Just a shame we wont see one of these with a manual box, but for Lexus a manual is only slightly more saleable than a diesel. They will stick with what they know will sell globally, automatic petrols.

gazza5 13 June 2012

there is no market for diesel

there is no market for diesel in most of the markets lexus are in.

60 - 70% of the cars they sell are in the USA - so why develop a diesel for approx 20% of the market - us brits are badge snobs so even a lexus with a diesel isn't going to sell.

I like the 2.5 v6 petrol engine and would happily buy one - although i have just bought a diesel for 2 years of cheapish motoring (1 year old so not too much depreciation) - once the warranty has expired it will be gone and replaced. Hopefully with one of these.

Diesel still can't beat petrol in my eyes - thats just my opinion - you can quote the amazing figures for diesel - I agree they have come a long way - but in this country with petrol being 5p a litre cheaper and my 8000 miles a year - I am sure this lexus will fit the bill nicely - cheap to tax (because the EU test run is flawed), and I will probably get 40 mpg if lucky.

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