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Michael Schumacher hits a pedestrian whilst driving in the UK

It’s been a bad few days for Michael Schumacher. The Formula One legend was thought to have crashed a Ferrari at the Nurburgring, though Ferrari maintains that it was a test driver, and now he has been involved in an accident in the UK.

Reports state that Schumacher was driving a Fiat van to Lydd airport in Kent on his way back from the Silverstone Classic race meeting, when he collided with a garage door while overtaking another car. Martin Kingham was shutting the door at the time, and was thrown onto the bonnet of a nearby vehicle by the impact.

Kingham claims that Schumacher then got out of the van and accused him of being in the wrong. The police were called, and the seven-times F1 champion was given a breath test, which proved negative, before he exchanged insurance details and continued on his way.

Schumacher’s agent Sabine Kehm told the press, “There was a collision but nobody was injured. Michael cooperated with police. There is nothing else we wish to say."

Vicky Parrott

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Enzo Ferrari 3 August 2008

Re: Schuey has a shunt in the UK

TegTypeR wrote:

What ever way this story happend, look on the funny side. What a story to tell your mates down the pub!

Hahahaha yeah.
Enzo Ferrari 3 August 2008

Re: Schuey has a shunt in the UK

The Colonel wrote:

You know, it's strange, but I've seen this story in four or five places and Kingham's story seems to be tailored according to the outlet...

In one a garage door was hit, in another it was a barrier gate and in yet another it was Kingham himself. Kingham was "thrown" on to the bonnet of a car, or did he spin round and come to rest on the bonnet of a van? Schumacher was brethalysed, no he wasn't, the police just spoke to him. Schumacher blamed him, no he didn't; it was just one of those things..

...I wonder, what kind of financial benefits there are out there for this kind of story, and surely it would be better to be consistent?

Yes this kind of story is like Christmas for the media, even if non of it is true they will publish it.
Roy Twycross 1 August 2008

Re: Schuey has a shunt in the UK

Yes, I'd heard varying degrees of this story about either the garage door or the man himself being hit by Schumacher. A lot is made of Schumacher's arrogance as a German but according to at least Murray Walker, he's a great guy. I think it could be FIAT feeding the media these varying tales about what happened to promote their new vans - ha ha!!