Currently reading: Saab has six serious suitors
Company insider says half a dozen potential buyers are being taken seriously

Saab is in serious discussions with six potential buyers, according to reports.

Although a Saab spokesman said yesterday that there were 27 parties interested in buying the company, the Bloomberg news agency is quoting a company source as saying only six of them are being taken seriously.

According to the reports, the bidders include an individual investor, a consortium of Swedish companies and at least two private equity firms. None of the leading bidders are reported to be existing car makers.

Saab has been in a state of court-appointed bankruptcy protection since early April, which gives it three months to overhaul the business and seek an agreement with creditors about outstanding loans.

The courts may grant extensions to this state of up to one year in total, but only in three-month steps.

No definitive timescale has been set for the sale process.

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