Councillors criticised for planning private underground car park
3 July 2008

A row has broken out in Manchester after it was revealed that pro-congestion charge councillors want to build themselves a private underground car park in the city centre.According to the Manchester Evening News, senior Labour councillors are investigating plans to dig a new car park next to the town hall with spaces for a least 100 cars.Labour councillor Bernard Priest told the newspaper, “It is in the interests of democracy that councillors should be able to park for free when they are attending meetings.”Rival politicians branded the plans “hypocritical” as the ruling Labour group tries to push drivers onto public transport.Controversy has been raging for some time in Manchester over the plans to introduce a peak-time road toll scheme that stretches beyond the city centre out to the M60 ring road. Supporters of the c-charge scheme say that the plan will be accompanied by significant improvements in public transport. However, critics say that the figures do not add up and that any improvements in public transport cannot hope to cover the needs of all Greater Manchester commuters.There are also fears that the scheme will see an extensive and permanent reduction in road space and car parking space in Manchester city centre.

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3 July 2008

Ha ha, what a surprise that the most deceitful and vile government in my living memory (I am 34!!) is so low. Utter hypocrites and then spouting crap about being in the interest of democracy for these leeches to park for free. No mate, it is in the interests of democracy for the implementors of these restrictive and money grabbing (because any claims of reducing congestion and environmental concerns are just crap) laws to follow the same laws as the rest of the hapless saps who voted these utter fools into their current gravy train jobs.

My god, another day goes by and yet more hatred is within me for these 'people'. Here we are on the brink of a damaging recession and instead of trying to help people keep it going we have these idiots trying to force us back to tending the fields. What next, Pol Pot's cousin to be brought in for advice on how to get rid of those damn intulectuals for pointing out the huge flaws in their plans.

3 July 2008

This is not the place for politics - but I'm sure you will find that all local councillors are pretty much the same, regardless of party. After all, who would actually want to be a councillor - unless there is something in it for them? It's not for the fame and glamour.

As for your observation "most deceitful and vile government in my living memory (I am 34!!)" If you were older, you would remember the Thatcher government - not exactly unknown for recessions.

3 July 2008

The decision to build themselves a private car park must be put into context in that for the last 18 months the cities leaders have preached 'behavioural change' and 'reducing car use'. There are also future plans to reduce both on and off street parking in the city centre. The city is earning a reputation as one of the most car unfriendly in he country

25 March 2009

how much will it cost to build the leeches car park underground?

25 March 2009

I think you will find the underground car park idea was scrapped just before the whole Congestion Charge scheme was voted out by more than 4 to 1.

Most of the extensions to the tram network are going ahead anyway, the money had already been allocated for that. It is things like a bus lane along the East Lancashire Road (A580) that are not going ahead.

Despite the result, some of the councillors have now gone on record as saying this plan was too important and should not have been subjected to a democratic vote!! Too bad, I think a few more who supported the scheme will be voted out oo office at the next election.

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