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LeasePlan fleet managment company signs electric car deal with Renault-Nissan

Renault-Nissan has progressed its electric vehicle plans with a tie-up with the LeasePlan fleet management company.

As part of the agreement, Renault-Nissan and LeasePlan will work together to supply the leasing company with electric vehicles.

The move means that Netherlands-based LeasePlan, which manages more than 1.4 million vehicles in more than 30 countries, will be able to approach corporate fleets about supplying zero-emission electric vehicles on a commercial basis.

The news could herald the first large-scale electric vehicle initiative run on a purely commercial basis, rather than with the involvement of government sponsorship.

Vahid Daemi, LeasePlan’s chief executive officer, said: "With the increasing awareness of environmental issues, company car drivers tend to change their behaviour in the way they select their car and in the way they drive."

Matt Rigby

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