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Patrick Pelata stands down over spy scandal farce

Renault Chief Operating Officer Patrick Pelata is to stand down from the role after the firm accepted his resignation over its electric vehicles spy scandal.

Pelata, 55, has been running Renault on a day-to-day basis as second in overall command to Carlos Ghosn. He is said to have offered his resignation on more than one occasion in recent weeks, after a case involving the alleged sale of Renault's electric vehicle technologies to rivals has unravelled.

The firm now admits that it was tricked into paying money for false information on the matter that led it to dismiss three executives.

Ghosn refused Pelata's last offer to resign, on 14 March, but Renault has been coming under significant pressure from the French government (a 15 per cent stakeholder) to restructure its management. Pelata will continue to run Renault in the short term, before moving to a role within the overall Renault-Nissan alliance. Three executives from Renault's security service will also leave.

Renault is also said to have approved a settlement with the three wrongfully dismissed employees, Michel Balthazard, Bertrand Rochette and Matthieu Tenenbaum. It has not issued details of any compensation terms that have been agreed, however.

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