Currently reading: RAC launches multi-fit wheel
One size fits all wheel will cut recovery times for motorists who suffer a puncture

A unique multi-fit wheel has been launched by the RAC, designed to reduce the recovery time of vehicles that have suffered a puncture.

Currently, the RAC deals with 250,000 punctures annually and all RAC patrols will now be supplied with the multi-fit wheel.

If a member’s vehicle doesn’t have a spare wheel, and a repair isn’t viable, the punctured or damaged wheel can be temporarily replaced with the multi-fit wheel and the vehicle recovered by the patrol to the nearest tyre specialist or dealer.

Motorists in this situation would previously have had to have waited for a flatbed recovery truck.

David Bizley, director of technical at RAC said: “Our new multi-fit wheel will come as welcome news to our members and we expect the time savings to continue to grow, by the summer we’ll have saved a collective year and a half in time for members.”

Mark Tisshaw

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