Infiniti has launched a "reservation list" for potential customers ahead of its launch in Europe
19 May 2008

Nissan’s luxury brand Infiniti has launched an exclusive digital “reservation list” for potential customers ahead of its launch in Europe. The site ( gives those who sign up top priority in purchasing a new Infiniti before pre-ordering begins.After signing up and receiving your personal reservation number, you’ll be invited by your nearest Infiniti Centre to spec your desired car before pre-ordering is opened to the public.According to Infiniti Europe’s marketing director, Bastien Schupp, almost 10,000 people have already signed up to be an “Infiniti Insider”. Schupp said, “We’re pleased to see that excitement and anticipation are building even faster than we expected”.Infiniti will be launched across Europe over the next two years; it will open its doors in France, Spain and Italy in October 2008, followed by Germany and the UK the following April and Sweden in January 2010.Before you put virtual pen to paper, check out Autocar’s first drives of the Infiniti G37,EX35 and FX50.

Ian Tonkin

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21 May 2008

Hi, I am part of the Extended Launch Team for Infiniti and can confirm this report that we're expecting a lot of demand around the launch as there will be so few Infinitis on the road for some time. So, if you are planning on being one of the first in your country to own an Infiniti then this is the best way to get in the queue. Infiniti will be closing the reservation list as soon as they reach the maximum number of vehicles that they can commit to producing in each country.

If you need more info visit I'll also be checking this post over the next few days to answer any queries where I can.

21 May 2008

Hard to buy one when you can't see what you're buying!! The website is beautifully useless and nicely presented zero content - click on any of the range and nothing comes up! Is this the Zen philosophy where empty space is not really 'nothing' but 'something'? It's lost on this European!

6 June 2008

Dear JJBoxter,

I've looked into your comment with the website team and cannot understand why you've been experiencing problems other than perhaps being a browser issue or having pop-ups blocked. I do apologise for the inconvenience and suggest you try again as you will find the website has plenty of information on each of the models...

14 December 2018

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