Currently reading: Post-scrappage Euro sales slump
German sales fall for a fifth consecutive month; Italian sales reach a 14-year low

German new-car sales fell for the fifth consecutive month in April after the withdrawal of the country's scrappage scheme caused a slump in demand.

April 2010's figures showed a 32 per cent fall in demand compared to April 2009, and a 10.2 per cent decline compared to pre-scrappage figures for April 2008.

Germany's VDIK President, Volker Lange, remained upbeat despite April's figures. He said: "Initial estimates show new orders for our members are on the same level as in April 2008, which I see as the first move toward an automotive springtime in Germany."

Italy's new-car sales fell by nearly 16 per cent to hit a 14-year low in April, the first month since its scrappage scheme ended.

Market leader Fiat suffered a crash of 26 per cent from March and expects the Italian market to shrink by around 30 per cent for the period April to December 2010.

Elsewhere in Europe, Spain's scrappage scheme caused a surge in new-car demand last month, while France's reduced scrappage offering saw a much slower growth in demand of just 1.6 per cent.

The UK's first post-scrappage figures will be announced later this week.

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sportwagon 5 May 2010

Re: Post-scrappage Euro sales slump

Let's get back to the original topic. It was widely believed that sales would rise because purchases were brought forward while the schemes lasted, rather than the schemes would bring any boost to the real economy. It looks as if this belief is in fact true, and we are back where we started. April sales will be down in the UK in any case because of the showroom spite tax, it will interesting and probably worrying to see how we compare with the rest of Europe.

keeforelli 5 May 2010

Re: Post-scrappage Euro sales slump

mmmm to all the people foreseeing a collapse in the world economy...(again)... unless this really is the start of the 'new world order', then it simply wont be allowed to happen.... but we can sure as hell be certain that if it did we wont be able to sit in our nice houses, debating it out over our broadband internet connections... be careful what you wish for....

tannedbaldhead 5 May 2010

Re: Post-scrappage Euro sales slump

nicksheele wrote:


nicksheele wrote:
Makes you wonder who really is this humble slap head.

Who indeed. You're making me feel all conspiratorial and powerful now Nick.