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Last Pontiac models sold in the US, leading to the formal closure of the brand by GM

General Motors’ brand Pontiac has finally gone out of business.

GM took the decision to close Pontiac as part of its exit strategy from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the US last year, but the closure was finalised yesterday when GM’s contracts with dealers expired.

Pontiac had been in existence for 84 years and the last car to roll down the production line was a Vibe in August 2009.

The firm is credited with creating the muscle car with its GTO and in the US in the 1960s, only Chevrolet and Ford bettered Pontiac’s sales. Its peak for sales came in 1973, when the firm sold 973,000 cars.

Numerous attempts to revive the brand in the 1990s and 2000s failed; notable models in the last few years include the G6 saloon and Solstice sports car.

The firm’s dealers had fewer than 125 cars left at the end of August and only eight G6s were reportedly sold in September.

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Lanehogger 2 November 2010

Re: Pontiac goes out of business

Like many other comments, very sad news indeed, but unfortunately it was clear the writing was on the wall as GM has consistently demonstrated its inability to manage and market any of its brands effectively, with the worse case scenario being brands which have been reduced to merely being badges such as Vauxhall, Opel, Holden to name a few. Making some woeful cars hasn't helped GM's cause either.

RadeB 2 November 2010

Re: Pontiac goes out of business

1948Wolseley wrote:
In the US alone, we've lost Plymouth (1928-2001), Oldsmobile (1897-2004), Saturn (1991-2009), Hummer (ca. 1985-2009), Mercury (1939-2010) and Pontiac (1926-2009/10) in the last ten years.

Are Americans less sentimental then we are in Europe so they easily give up of something that can be national symbol when not making profit? Is that weakness or strength? I remember the pictures from menu countries (not just in Sweden) on TV, protesting when SAAB was in danger of extinguishing. Maybe the example is not appropriate?

Locknload66 2 November 2010

Re: Pontiac goes out of business

Good riddance!

American motor manufacturing dinosaur hits the dust.

That's really cheered me up.

Rust In Peace.