In total, more than 3000 deposits for the new Peugeot 208 have been paid for to date

More deposits have been laid down for the new Peugeot 208 ahead of customers being able to drive it than for any other new car in the manufacturer's history, prompting Peugeot UK boss Tim Zimmerman to predict a buoyant year for the firm. In total, more than 3000 deposits for the new 208 have been paid for to date.

"It's an unprecedented number, and that gives us all cause for optimism," said Zimmerman. "Of course, we mustn't be complacent - it is a very difficult market - but the reception the car has received so far has been fabulous, and that has been turned in to real deposits."

Zimmerman also revealed that the 207 has continued to sell so strongly in its run-out phase that a new batch of 1500 cars is going to be built in September in order to fulfil customer orders.

"Although we started the build up to launch the 208 last November, it hasn't put people off buying the 207," he said. "In fact, our supermini sales to date are as strong as last year's."

In particular, Zimmerman highlighted Peugeot's strong performance in the finance sector, and particularly its 'Just Add Fuel' lease deal, as driving sales.

"Around 60 per cent of our retail sales are now through finance, and especially PCPs," he said. "In total, Just Add Fuel accounts for around 15 per cent of our sales, and we hope to grow that to 20 per cent - it's a unique offering that others have tried to copy but failed to pull off. The key is our relationship with our insurers, which is long-standing and based on trust - things like servicing, road tax and warranty costs anyone can do, but the insurance deal is the hardest part to balance."

Zimmerman added that initiatives such as Just Add Fuel also gave Peugeot hope for the future. "Around 70 per cent of our customers on the Passport scheme renew with Peugeot, so they are clearly liking what they find and sticking with the brand," he said.

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Peugeot 208

Peugeot has shown dynamic promise of late. Will the Peugeot 208 be a hit?

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In a press conference held on Tuesday morning, Peugeot also revealed that its market share had risen to 5.1 per cent, up from 4.9 year on year. This has been buoyed by a 30 per cent boost in Peugeot 107 sales year on year after the model's facelift, plus a 69 per cent surge in Peugeot 508 sales year on year as the model gains market acceptance. 

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19 June 2012

A non-German, non-premium European car manufacturer doing well? Weren't they all taking a bashing according to all the press reports a few weeks ago?

Well done Peugeot - just keep those headlight sizes and gaping grille widths down and you'll do ok.

19 June 2012

I'm glad for them,It's a lovely car, I've seen a few on the sreets of Paris and it deserves to be a success. It does have a premium look to it in the flesh.

19 June 2012

I wanted to get one on 'just add fuel scheme' but it seems its popularity will delay its arrival on the scheme according to Peugeot.

19 June 2012

Yep, I'm pleased for them.

I'm sure it doesn't have the ultimate dynamic involvement of the Fiesta or the 'perception' of quality of the Polo...but to these eyes it looks to be a far more interesting and pleasant place to spend a tedious commute in. 

3cyl 3dr please. 

19 June 2012

Good on Peugeot.

I quite like the 508 and am seeing increasing numbers of these on the road.

Looks like they may be in for a resurgance of the x06 generation!

19 June 2012

Color is very nice

19 June 2012

Ten years ago, if anyone had said a car would be designed with headlights that are almost the length/width of the front wing, most would of laughed. Trouble is, the reality isn't funny. Or pretty.

19 June 2012

...The blind? Sedom seen anything so ghastly.

19 June 2012

i have only seen one so far, and it was in this colour, and it looked excellent, really fresh, and the light plays nicely over the surface details. Not everyone is going to like it as some have already said, but i am sure enough will for it to be very successful. 

In the short term the engine of choise appears to be the 1.2 3 pot petrol, and whilst thats a bit slow i am sure this will be coming with a turbo soon giving the power of the 1.6, but with less weight and therefore better handling and ride.

And of course we have the GTi to look forward to. I really hope Peugeot manage to do something special this time. 

20 June 2012

I attended the 208 UK launch on Monday at MediaCity (Manchester), I drove the 1.2 3-cyl 82bhp VTi and a 1.6 120 bhp - I was pleasantly surprised having read mixed reactions in various mags.

The ride in true French tradition is ultra smooth and well damped to a point, only really rutted roads upset it slightly but no more than a Fiesta/Polo. The handling is fairly tight with decent turn-in, steering feel is missing the last 15% of feel but again its not atall bad.

In terms of styling, its a very neat design in the metal and is nice that its small and more athletic than before (not difficult really). It's very wheel sensitive but on the 15"/16" rims it looked very nice indeed.

Interior space is very impressive, its very roomy in the back and the boot is a good size. The design is very modern but build quality is mainly very good but slightly lacking in some areas that you will come into contact with on a daily basis. The small steering wheel / dial combo actually was the biggest surprise. I am 5'11 and could sit comfortably without any obstruction of the dials- it really does feel different an sporty in this area.

Of the two engines I tried the 3 cylinder 1.2 was most impressive, it sounded great, had plenty of punch - I seriously question the 14.4 secs to 60mph! The 1.6 120bhp unit was a let down - not especially quick and sounded course/strained.

The full lowdown on both will be on RMOC ( very soon

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