Currently reading: Parking fine appeals to be made easier with new digital system
New online system to be rolled out across the UK this year; expected to increase current 0.5% appeal rate of parking and bus lane related penalties

A new online portal has been developed to help motorists more easily appeal against unfair parking fines, as well as Dartford charges and bus lane offences.

The system, developed by the Traffic Penalty Tribunal (TPT) in conjunction with, is set to be rolled out to all councils by the end of this year and is said to make the claims process an easier and quicker one. It is expected that cases will be decided within days, as opposed to weeks.

Currently, just 0.5% of people appeal unfair fines through the TPT, with around 50% of those resulting in the fine being quashed.

Penalty Charge Notice appeals will be able to be made using smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs for issues relating to parking and bus lane non-compliance (outside London), as well as Dartford Crossing charges and Durham congestion charge; in the past appeals had to be done on paper and posted.

Videos and photographic evidence can also be uploaded through the online portal.

When highway robbery makes a loss

Chief adjudicator of the TPT Caroline Sheppard said: “Getting a parking ticket can be a frustrating experience, but our new portal makes the appeals process quicker, simpler and more transparent, putting paid to the old adage that ‘the wheels of justice grind slowly’.

“The platform has already generated considerable interest from other areas of the UK judiciary because it is fast, efficient, accessible and will bring cost savings to local authorities, as well as simplifying the process for those appealing.”

Brighton Council’s policy and development manager Paul Nicholls said: “We are very excited to be the first local authority to use the portal. It reduces the time taken to process appeals, streamlines our communication with appellants and cuts the cost of administration, which benefits all our residents.”

Brighton and Hove City Council will launch the service first, on 21 March. It will be rolled out across rest of the country before the end of 2016.

Danni Bagnall

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Peter Cavellini 15 March 2016


My Sons College is about a mile and a half from the Town Centre,you can Park there all Day for 70p,now, they fine People who don't display there ticket,there are always a space,you tell me what makes the most money....?
Andrew 61 14 March 2016

Pay on exit systems,

would stop a lot of tickets being issued in car parks. Strangely, councils seem not to want to install them quite often.
Forked Tongue 14 March 2016

Damn little Hitlers are using CCTV to watch you park.

I got one recently.
I parked legally in a bay that said....."Loading only"
My mission, (should i choose to accept it) was "Loading"
I was in the bay for 9 minutes. They said the ticket was valid.
After a 6 page letter, accompanied by witness statement, they still said the ticket was valid.
I threatened to prosecute the council for harassment unless it forwarded me evidence of what law i had broken.
After sometime had passed, they give up.