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GM Europe hopes to gain approval for its proposed rescue plan by hiring Roland Berger consultants

General Motors Europe has adjusted its rescue package proposals in a bid to gain approval for its plans from the German government.

GM Europe’s rescue plan has previously come under severe criticism from the German government, which has repeatedly said that Opel/Vauxhall shouldn’t rely on any bailout package for its survival.

The German government also wants to be sure that no aid money would end up financing GM in the US.

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As a result, GM Europe has brought in consultancy firm Roland Berger to adjust its rescue package.

The German government is under pressure to help the company.

Today (Wednesday), the head of the works council at Opel’s Bochum plant, Rainer Einenkel, told NDR Info radio that "the German government is now under an obligation to do something. It should no longer find excuses for a way out."

Matt Rigby

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