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Vauxhall factory escapes cuts; Luton plant to lose 354 workers

Vauxhall's plant at Ellesemere Port has escaped any job cuts as part of owner GM's plans to shed 9000 workers across Europe.

Yesterday GM revealed it will cut 9000 jobs, but beyond saying between 50-60 per cent of the cuts will be in Germany, it did not specify where the other losses would be.

Now it has been revealed that Ellesemere Port has escaped any job cuts, while Vauxhall's plant in Luton, which builds Renault Trafic and Opel Vivaro vans, is expected to lose 354 workers.

Vauxhall has been able to avoid cuts at Ellesemere Port as the proposed plan is for the factory to move to a three shift production operation in 2011. Before then, Vauxhall plans to use its workers to build up stock of the new Astra Sports Tourer.

All job cuts are subject to a period of consultancy, but below is a summary of GM's plans:

Ruesselsheim, Germany: Nearly 2500 jobs to go.

Antwerp, Belgium: GM has not yet decided the fate of the plant, which employs 2321 workers. If it closes the plant, all workers will go. If GM decides to build a small SUV there, as agreed in April 2008, then only 750 jobs will be cut.

Bochum, Germany - 1799 jobs to go.

Zaragoza, Spain - 900 jobs to go.

Luton, England - 354 jobs to go.

Eisenach, Germany - 300 jobs to go.

Kaiserslautern, Germany - 300 jobs to go.

Ellesmere Port, England - No jobs at risk.

Gliwice, Poland - No jobs at risk.

Szentgotthard, Hungary - No jobs at risk.

Aspern, Austria - No jobs at risk.

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lopihuli 26 May 2014

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The computers required the ten-yr collective escalation in person years, split it by 10 (to obtain an INCHtypical yearly escalation in individual-years," an extremely peculiar idea), after which increased it by 3.5. That means 14 year old jobs the amount outlined within the Computer backgrounder that is specialized. They thought every year that lots of jobs could be produced! Increased by EIGHT, that means 808, 119. That's an apparent and yucky mis-studying of the personal outcomes of the Meeting Panel.

Even when we think the results of the Meeting Panel research, consequently, the computers measured from the 3.5 stage CIT reduce more than 100,thousand jobs. The Meeting Panel believed eighteen,631 jobs after EIGHT decades, however the computers stated 808, 119.

Across these several extra plan products (HOLE slashes, regulating decrease, energy costs, and interprovincial free-trade) the Computer backgrounder offers over-measured the task forecasts of the personal experts within the work for 18 with a mixed whole greater than another hundred,thousand jobs.

Paul Harrisis financial figures were crunched in house with an actual economist, Tag Mullins, who quit a lifetime career on Fresh Road to work with the Conservatives (and afterwards do a stint for that Fraser Start). Mullins was a very qualified economist who comprehended how predicting ready a macro-economic and financial spreadsheet support up Harrisis strategy which was inside constant, and labored, additional upward, and launched at length. Tag Mullins would not get created an error as self-destructive and obvious as complicated jobs using individual-decades of work.

jerry99 26 November 2009

Re: No job cuts at Ellesmere Port

Or maybe the current exchange rates?

What are the long term investment plans?

wheats 26 November 2009

Re: No job cuts at Ellesmere Port

This is the right result and clearly demonstrates the power of not striking, keeping your head down in the face of adversity and working with the management to secure jobs for all - Well done to all the workers at Vauxhall, you deserve our support and perhaps God should now consider an Astra, I certainly will next time I change my car.