Currently reading: Next-gen Zafira 'to be built by PSA'
GM is studying a plan that would see the next generation Zafira be conceived and developed by PSA

General Motors is planning a far more radical shake up of its European operations than previously expected, according to a report published today by Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine.

Quoting informed sources at Vauxhall sister company Opel, Der Spiegel says senior General Motors managers in North America have reached a decision to shift production of the Astra from Opel’s main Russelsheim plant in Germany to both its Polish-based Gelwice factory and Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port operations in the UK.

The report has angered Opel worker’s union representatives who suggest production of the Astra costs 220 euro more at Ellesmere Port than in Russelsheim. The loss of the Astra would leave Russelsheim with the production of just one model, the Insignia. Job cuts of up to 200 are mooted for Opel’s development centre in Russelsheim.

More significant is the news that General Motors is close to announcing the closure of Opel’s Bochum plant, which currently produces the Zafira and Astra.

Der Spiegel has also reported that General Motors is studying a plan that would see the next generation Zafira be conceived and developed by PSA (Peugeot Citroen), with which it holds a seven per cent shareholding.


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507 13 May 2012

Re: Next-gen Zafira 'to be built by PSA'

This must be the surest way of closing Opel/Vauxhall down for good! Saab was GMs dress rehearsal, this time the automotive industry is really laughing!

weenedonpetrol 11 May 2012

Re: Next-gen Zafira 'to be built by PSA'

Aaaaaugh! The permutations of which manufacturer is building what with whom is becoming more complex that a soap opera's extended family. It is giving me a migraine.

giulivo 11 May 2012

Re: Next-gen Zafira 'to be built by PSA'

nicebiscuit wrote:

I can't think of any reason to buy a Vauxhall badged Citroen to be honest. The mix of brands doesn't work. If it's the same car might as well have the more interesting Citroen badge.

Same issue with the Fiat 500/Ford Ka. Might as well have the Fiat 'cause it's more characterful.

There is no earthly reason why GM couldn't do what VW do - profitably spin off multiple brands from a small number of platforms. The argument that GM have weaker brands doesn't even wash - VW managed to make Skoda desirable...

One has to conclude that GM are simply incompetent.

Saab could have worked. Cadillac definitely is underused and could be cool. Even Chevrolet could be interesting instead of being a seemingly deliberately uglified budget brand. Vauxhall/Opel is a tricky one though. Probably just too boring a brand. The cars themselves are actually quite good, but is anyone really interested?

Very incompetent indeed. And a terrible parent to boot. Just look at how they've sucked the life out of Saab, Subaru, Lotus, Isuzu, Alfa Romeo, just to name a few. Daewoo is the exception, but they've lost their name and could not have become much worse in the first place. "Deliberately uglified" describes them well, and not comparable to Hyundai-Kia which are very desirable. I would rather compare Chevy to Dacia. I think if the US stopped charging GM Europe for platforms and brands that were developed in Europe with European money in the first place, leave alone starting to pay royalties from the US, we'd be reading a different story. It's only sensible that they'd want to shift taxable profits from Europe to US where tax rates are lower; the problem is when they decide to believe their own BS and kill off Opel.