Saab Spyker reveals its business plan; 9-1 being considered, 9-5X and 9-4X confirmed
2 February 2010

Saab Spyker Automobiles NV will launch an all-new 9-3 in 2012 as part of the firm’s business plan to revitalise the company.

The company will investigate the possibility of launching the entry-level 9-1 in due course, although this would require additional funding to the $1 billion (£627 million) currently set aside. Saab Spyker will also make a 9-5X in addition to the saloon and estate models, and the 9-4X will be added to the range early in 2011.

Saab Spyker will pitch itself as an “independent, performance-orientated niche car company with an industry-leading environmental strategy”. It has also confirmed it intends to remain as a direct rival to BMW and Audi.

Trollhattan will be used to produce all models except the 9-4X, which will be built by General Motors in Mexico, and Saab Spyker will produce and sell between 100,000-125,000 vehicles per year.

GM will continue to provide support to Saab Spyker with funds and supplies, although the company intends to rely less and less on this support in the future. Saab and Spyker cars will share components in future models.

Spyker cars will be sold throughout Saab’s 1100-strong worldwide dealer network and the two will also share marketing, sponsorship, promotion and sales activities. They will be run as separate brands, however.

Saab Spyker intends to return to profit by 2012. It has managed to secure a 400m euro (£350m) European Investment Bank loan, which has been guaranteed by the Swedish government.

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Saab 9-3 Sportwagon

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2 February 2010

If the new 9-3 is able to be launched in2012 it must be a long way through the developement process. we know the 9-5 is finished, the 9-5 estate is very close, and the 9-4x is also ready, yet GM having spent millions to get to this point were prepared to throw it all away. Quite incredible.

If Spyker can keep the current competative pricing, continue to build the cars properly and the new cars are half decent, i think Saab will do well for a while. I still wonder where the cash to develope the next generation will come from, but as soon everything they make will be new that should be a long time off.

2 February 2010

[quote artill]I still wonder where the cash to develope the next generation will come from, but as soon everything they make will be new that should be a long time off.[/quote]

GM still owns a large share of Saab so there will always be the option of using GM Platforms and engines as a starting point. From the outside looking in the biggest change is the management and their greater need/desire for Saab to do well. Is that enough to make a profit, time will tell.

2 February 2010

Hopefully they will return to the hatch instead of the saloon, like Audi have with the A5. Or at least have it as an option

2 February 2010

Seriously, what are these guys smoking?

2 February 2010

"If Spyker can keep the current [competitive] pricing"

Sorry, “independent, performance-orientated niche car company with an industry-leading environmental strategy” and 100,000 cars/annum is Porsche territory; and that's the likely result for pricing.

2 February 2010

Sierra: I think you're right but SAAB doesn't have the cache. Give them 20 years then maybe. In the meantime something will have to give. Materials or Price, The new 9-5 is a good appointed vehicle. There is the odd touch of plastic but on the whole has a very premium feel about it. I would be very surprised if the car will come out on top against the 5-Series, A6 and E-Class But if it beats any of them than that will be a major achievement and a step in the right direction.

2 February 2010

Saab needs a new 93 it should of been sooner as Saab did much of the work on the Epsilom II platform for GM!! But yet again GM divereted money and resources so all Saab could do was facelift the existing 93. It now takes about 2 years to develope a new car using computers instead of 5. Saab has the LWB Epsilom II platform from the 95 so just needs shortning, engines can also be utillised from the new 95. I hope this time they go back to some of their roots with a fastback. Look forward to seeing it.........

2 February 2010

They could always rebadge a Chrysler.... ;-)

2 February 2010

i admire Spyker's management team, lets launch a 9-1, a 9-4, a 9-5x...oh there's a pig & its flying!!!

I doubt Spyker SAAB will be around in 2012!

2 February 2010

The last Saab that I owned was a 99 2 door, incredible vehicle - ahead of its time and ultra reliable and what's more it had character. Put these ingredients back into the mix and Spyker will be a success.

A fastback with a good hint of the classic 900 silhouette is a must.


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