Replacements for Range Rover Vogue and Sport to be agreed before 2010
28 March 2008

Crucial new replacement models for the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport could be agreed within 18 months of this week’s takeover of Land Rover by Tata, it has been revealed.Unions are to press their new Indian bosses for agreement on a vital product overhaul that could safeguard the 6000 jobs at Lode Lane for many years to come, according to plant convenor Bob Nason.Mr Nason told the Daily Mail, "Ford taught us the hard way that just because they have been building cars here for years, it does not mean that they will be built here in the future. The Freelander went to Halewood."We want to make sure that we put ourselves in the best position to attract future investment here. There are no guarantees in this world at the moment. We have got a business plan that takes us through to 2012 and I believe that there will be an announcement in terms of the Range Rover and the Range Rover Sport in the next 18 months."I would imagine that those products would be up and running by 2012 onwards and we have got to safeguard the 6000 people at this plant. Tata have indicated that by 2012, all being well, the number of people working at the plant will be increased."

Hilton Holloway

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28 March 2008

Let's hope the Range Rover and Sport are made here past 2012. I can't see a RR being made anywhere else quite frankly even if the current British Government are as supportive toward manufacturing as they are toward motorists, especially the 4x4 brigade!

Anyone know what made Britain a powerhouse in the world, it coincided with the industrial revolution and engineering starting up here? Anyone know why the Tiger Nations and China are doing so well while Britains balance of payments and Labours books are crumbling into the red?

Don't suppose the 'Einsteins' that run our country could work that one out!

29 March 2008

reliance on an army of small-to-medium sized business, JJB. Unfortunately, big seems to be beautiful these days. Especially with the administration government prescribes these days. I occasionally work at my mother's Sub-post office, and most of the older folk there don't want to be rich, and deliberately limit their business to avoid having to send a tax return.

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