Currently reading: New Ford Mondeo platform to underpin four models
Mondeo platform will also be used for new S-Max, Galaxy and Edge SUV

The new Ford Mondeo will eventually be used to underpin four models in the blue oval range, starting from 2014.

In addition to the Mondeo (saloon and estate), the new S-Max and the Galaxy replacement, Ford is expected to build the new Edge SUV in at its Valencia plant.

Ford has been selling the five-seat Edge SUV in the US since 2006. The current model is based on a Mazda CX-7 platform. However, like the new Kuga SUV, the latest Edge will become a global ‘One Ford’ model and be based on the Mondeo platform.

Today’s Edge is the same size as the S-Max, signalling the likely arrival of a six-seat Edge, which would place the brand in a booming and lucrative sector of the market. Skoda is also set to replace today’s Superb flagship with a seven-seat SUV.

Building these four large cars in the same factory should allow Ford to run the Valencia lines at near-full capacity (ensuring profitability) as demand varies between the four models. 

Ford is also moving production of the current Mondeo family from Genk in Belgium to Spain, as part of an 18 per cent reduction in production capacity in Europe.

Ford’s European arm expects to lose £1.1bn this year.

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Jeremy 7 September 2013

6 seats may be essential for

6 seats may be essential for wider American bodies, but everyone knows that 7 seats is a must in Europe, as has been pointed out with the dire sales of the 6-seat Merc R-class (hastily changed to a 7-seat).

Citytiger 6 September 2013

Is this really news,

Considering the current one under pins the Mondeo, S-Max, Galaxy, half of Volvos fleet, the Freelander and the Evoque.

K_A 6 September 2013

The upcoming Edge...

Would compete with the forthcoming Nissan Murano; both will be based on front-wheel-drive, mid-sized cars.