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The new MP4-12C will be sold from a showroom in One Hyde Park

McLaren Automotive and Jardine Motors Group have confirmed One Hyde Park as the location of McLaren's new London showroom.

McLaren will move to the central London location in early 2011 to coincide with the launch of the MP4-12C in spring.

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McLaren says the high-profile location will represent “everything we strive for”, according to Christian Marti, McLaren Automotive’s European Regional Director.

“One Hyde Park completes the picture for both of our businesses as we move towards the launch of the 12C and our future range of sports cars,” he added.

Since the launch of McLaren Automotive in March 2010, more than 2700 potential customers have shown interest in the company’s first sport car, which will cost upwards of £125,000.

McLaren London is anticipated to be McLaren Automotive’s leading European retailer and, potentially, the busiest in the global network.

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iamthestig 9 August 2010

Re: McLaren's new London showroom

If I were to buy an Elise/Caterham etc I'd want in manual as I'd want to 'drive' it. If I'd just spent 125k on a car I'd ponse about looking good in it and for that auto/flappy paddle is more convinient. - you may ask why I wouldn't 'drive' a car like this properly - thats because I could never justify wrapping 125k round a tree if I had a 'Big one'

Vertigo 9 August 2010

Re: McLaren's new London showroom

kennys wrote:
can't you get a car in manual anymore?

In that market segment I think Lamborghini and Aston Martin are the only ones that offer them anymore. But there's a pretty damn good reason for it - the number of buyers who specify a manual gearbox with a new Lambo is down to less than 5% (I think less than 1% for the LP560).

kennys 9 August 2010

Re: McLaren's new London showroom

can't you get a car in manual anymore?