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Former worker goes on rampage in Japan
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23 June 2010

A former Mazda worker has driven a car into workers at his former factory, killing one and injuring ten.

The incident happened in the Hiroshima Prefecture in Japan.

Toshiaki Hikiji, 42, worked at the Ujina factory plant earlier this year, before leaving of his own accord, police say.

He drove past security at the factory gate and sped into the plant as workers were arriving in the morning. He then fled, but was later caught by police. Police believe he was carrying a knife with the intention to kill more people.

The dead worker was named as Hiroshi Hamada, 39. One of the ten injured workers is listed as being in a critical condition.

Kit Myers

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23 June 2010

How sad. And coming just after the street slaughter in Cumbria ... yesterday a youth got fourteen years for slaying an Internet blogger, somebody on Face Book. He felt the blogger, whom he'd never met, had caused him to "lose face." Assassination is the extreme form of censorship. There are far more sociopaths walking the streets that we dare imagine...

24 June 2010

[quote Los Angeles] There are far more sociopaths walking the streets that we dare imagine...[/quote]

That is very true. And yes how sad it is. Japan is a strange country in many ways but when I lived there I never encountered any violence whatsoever.

24 June 2010

From what I underdstand of Japan this must be a very rare thing, very sad though.

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