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Maserati's new product offensive will be backed by an increase in dealer sites across the UK

Maserati is on track to double the number of its UK dealerships by 2015, in order to help it chase its ambitious global goal of increasing sales by a factor of five by that date.

At present Maserati UK has 13 dealerships, a figure that is set to raise to 20 by the end of 2014 and around 26 by the end of 2015.

The growth is driven by the launch of new products, with the new BMW 5-series rivalling Maserati Ghibli and upcoming BMW X5-rivalling Maserati Levante accounting for the bulk of new sales, plus a renewed product range and growth in China. Globally Maserati is targeting growth from around 10,000 cars this year to 50,000 by 2015.

In the UK, Maserati sold 309 cars in 2012, and 239 so far in 2013. Total sales in 2013 are expected to reach 550, rising to 1800 in 2014.

"The UK is one of Maserati's biggest markets, and we are preparing to play our part in the expansion," said Peter Denton, Maserati UK's head of sales and marketing. "We identified our growth plans several years ago, and have been working since then on signing up new dealerships in the areas we need them."

The new dealerships will be dedicated Maserati sites, as Ferrari has already said that it does not wish to expand its sales further, choosing rather to drive profits by increased prices and greater personalisation programmes.

"We need to be in areas that are convenient for customers where we aren't currently represented," said Denton. "We're in negotiations to grow the number of dealerships significantly but sympathetically - we have new products that will appeal to new customers, and we have to be able to give them a level of service that meets expectations."

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RCT V 22 October 2013

106 annual sales does NOT make a sustainable “business plan”!

We are told that current Maserati production is about 10,000 vehicles a year.

In 2013, the UK is expected to sell 550 Maserati, that is 5.5% of the total 10,000 produced. With 13 dealerships in the UK, that is maybe 42 vehicles, a year, for each UK dealer.

Maserati’s (modest) production target is 50,000 vehicles a year, by 2015.

If the UK continues to take 5.5% of production, that would indicate 2,750 annual sales in the UK. 2,750 annual UK sales between 26 dealerships (in 2015), is only 106 annual sales for each UK dealer.

A mere 106 annual sales does NOT make a suitable, viable, sustainable “business plan” for any “solus” franchised Maserati operation! Maserati does not come to the market, at the same “price point” as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, or other “exotica”.

It is not understood why it is thought that any Ferrari dealership operation, or the (hoped for) retained margins associated with the Ferrari franchise, would be jeopardised by Maserati sharing a showroom/dealer facility !!

However, if there is not the opportunity to place the Maserati franchise with a Ferrari dealer, that does not, should not, preclude the Maserati franchise being paired with that of the complementary Italian manufacturer - Alfa Romeo !!

The soon as Alfa Romeo can distance itself from the influence of the “volume” Fiat brand - and its philosophy - the better it will be for all the makes/marques mentioned above.

289 22 October 2013

@RCT V sustainable “business plan”!

...I don't think any one is saying that Maserati wont continue to be paired with Ferrari dealerships.
What Ferrari IS saying, is that it isn't about to increase its own dealer representation site numbers...this doesn't preclude Maserati from placing new dealerships elsewhere to give a better national coverage, and I cant imagine anyone (including the Maserati distributors) would expect anyone to build a solus dealership to represent Maserati. If you look at the profile of current Maserati dealers they include the likes of HR Owen and Dick Lovett's which include many other brands in their portfolio.
Finally, 106 sales per dealer is a hell of a lot more attractive than 42!...

289 22 October 2013

Maserati network

I thought this would happen.
If they want to move into more mainstream sales with the Ghibli, competing with upper end BMW's, Audi's and M-B's they have to have more centres,
Drivers of the German trio are which I mean used day to day often with bigger mileage. They are not going to accept having to drive 100+ miles to get a service or to lose the car for a week every time it needs attention.