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Supercar maker adds solar power to factory

Lamborghini has announced plans to cut CO2 emissions across its range by 35 per cent by 2015.

Last year, the Italian supercar manufacturer launched an updated Gallardo LP 560-4, which cut CO2 emissions by 18 per cent, with features including direct injection to the engine.

Lamborghini R&D will aim to reach the 35 per cent reduction target by decreasing vehicle mass, improving combustion and reducing friction, and developing stop-start systems, hybrid drive trains and biofuels.

Stephan Winkelmann, the President and CEO of Lamborghini, said: “Despite the difficult situation in today's global economy, Lamborghini is committed to its policy of environmental management, since we are well aware of the great opportunities that derive from it.

“This is an important action for Lamborghini and a central opportunity for our long term corporate and product development.”

Lamborghini is also aiming to cut CO2 emissions at its Sant’Agata Bolognese factory by 30 per cent by 2010.

Part of this will be achieved by installing large solar panels to the factory’s roof, and more efficient lighting and heating systems will be also be installed.

Mark Tisshaw

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