Currently reading: Labour scraps road-pricing plans
Controversial pay-per-mile scheme will not be part of Labour's next election manifesto

Labour will “definitely not” proceed with its national road-pricing scheme should it win the next election, according to new transport minister Lord Adonis.

Former transport secretary Alistair Darling said in 2004 that Labour was committed to introducing the scheme, which would charge motorists for every mile they drove.

As recently as last month Labour still seemed intent on introducing the scheme, although then transport secretary Geoff Hoon said it was “a long way off”.

Labour’s controversial scheme has been criticised by road users ever since it was first announced. Road pricing was proposed to replace the tax on fuel, but critics felt motorists would end up having to pay significantly more money to use their cars.

The scheme was in Labour’s election manifesto in 2005, but this will not be the case when Gordon Brown outlines the next manifesto.

Lord Adonis said: “We will definitely not proceed with a national road-user charging scheme in the next parliament.

“It won’t be in the Labour manifesto for the next election. This is not the time to be putting that before the British people.”

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