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British firm beats 12 other luxury brands in the US

Jaguar has been named the top luxury car maker in the US by the JD Power customer satisfaction index for the second year running.

Out of a total 1000 points available in areas including dealership facility, salesperson, paperwork/finance process, delivery process, and vehicle price, Jaguar scored 898 points. The British brand was particularly commended for its friendly dealers and efficiency in dealing with paperwork.

Jaguar beat Cadillac by just five points in the final tally, with Lexus, Mercedes and sister firm Land Rover completing the top five.

JD Power was not so kind to Infiniti, Volvo and Audi, however. Audi came last of all 13 brands tested in the luxury segment, scoring 828 points, while Infiniti and Volvo scored 845 and 842 respectively.

In the mass-market segment, Mercury came top by scoring 867 points, while Smart, Buick, Pontiac and Chevrolet completed the top five.

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lovecars 16 January 2010

Re: Jaguar tops JD power survey

I assume you meant India when you said "a country where most of its residents still drink glorified sewage water, and still drive on dirt roads accquire them then?". Have you ever been there ? Was it reaslly necessary to make an completely untrue and wholly condescending remark like that which has nothing to do with cars ?

Hyundai are the purveyors of some of the most non-descript, bland and utterly dull cars around at the moment. There may be fit for purpose in some cases but, Hyundai Coupe aside, they manufacture some of the most ugly looking and boring cars in the world. I don't think anyoner would dispute this.

autohead 17 December 2009

Re: Jaguar tops JD power survey

here here, my own Jaguar experience is an XF 3.0d premium luxury hired for a family wedding and I thought it was wonderful, fantastic ride, good looks and well proportioned on 19 inch wheels. Driving an A6 myself I thought it was just too dreary as a wedding car and hired the Jag. Every credit to Jag they might be a money pit at the moment but their strategy is going the right way, and the XF definitely represents a turning point. Can't wait to get one.

Stephen Guckel 17 December 2009

Re: Jaguar tops JD power survey

VX220EDDIE wrote:
a friend of mine

Of course, a friend had a Jag.....the opening salvo of an unfair and pointless appraisal of a car.

I have broken and been left stranded down in every German marque, including Porsche. The worst a Jaguar has ever done was display a 'Performance Restricted' sign, which 9/10 times was quickly resolved by simply turning the ignition off then back on again.

The Jaguar product is superb. Those who see it otherwise are clearly deluding themselves.