Awarded top place in the 2008 J.D Power Index
18 July 2008

Jaguar has been awarded first place in the American J.D Power customer satisfaction survey for the second year in a row. The award is based on the level of customer service experienced through company dealerships, is welcome news for new owners Tata Motors – and proves that Jaguar is managing to shed the reputation for unreliability it previously endured in the ‘States. The J.D Power index measures customer satisfaction in the first three years of ownership. The company also scored second place in J.D Power’s ‘APEAL’ quality rankings, which measure consumer opinions on car design and performance.

George Barrow

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21 July 2008

Huge kudos to Jag - and also huge mystery as to why Land Rover (basically the same company) continue to make buckets of bolts for which the term "underengineered" is too generous.

23 July 2008

And yet, due to Jaguar's extraordinarily limited range (and lack of intent to do anything about it) people will still end up in Beemers, Mercs and Audis, whether they like it or not.

19 September 2008

Ford did all the hard work, went through years of trial and error, spent billions and just as it finally started to produce and sell quality and stylish Jags, it sold the mark lock, stock and barrel to the Indians for what must surely be considered peanuts (relatively speaking, of course).

All I can say is, well done Tata. Just don't screw it up please.

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