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Company must cut emissions like never before, says Tata chief

Jaguar Land Rover must "attack emissions like never before" if it is to be a sustainable business, according to owner Tata Motors's vice chairman Ravi Kant.

Speaking at the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders International Automotive Summit, which was attended by business secretary Lord Mandelson, Kant highlighted the collapse of Detroit's car industry and warned that the same could happen in Birmingham or Liverpool if car makers don't adapt.

Mandelson backs low-carbon tech"We must accept both the rigours of the changing global economy and the challenges of a changing global society," said Kant.

"That is why in JLR we are in the midst of a major transformation plan to withstand future shocks and to create a sustainable business. That is why the new product plan laid down by JLR will attack emissions like never before.

"Jaguar has a new line-up that is transforming the brand. The new XJ is not only a beautiful and highly desirable product; it is also one of the most fuel-efficient luxury cars on sale in the world.

"The Land Rover range has also been refreshed and we recently announced that a new smaller Range Rover will soon join the family. It will be the most environmentally friendly Land Rover ever.

"The company is moving towards lighter vehicle architectures for both brands and fuel efficiency will be further improved through hybridisation and alternate energy options.

"We believe Jaguar Land Rover can be a protagonist in the UK's drive for low-carbon leadership."

Kant says JLR's investment in green technology is already paying off, and highlighted the fact that JLR spends £400 million on research and development every year in the UK, and has committed £800 million to developing environmental technology in the UK in the future.

"We are investing to take forward that same philosophy and want the two iconic brands, Jaguar and Land Rover, each with its unique heritage, to regain their past glory," said Kant.

"Tata Motors is committed to stand alongside and support JLR to emerge as a strong and competitive global auto player.

"Given the scale of our presence in this country, we in Tata would like to be perceived to be as British as any major UK company. We have a great stake in success in Britain and Britain also has a great stake in our success."

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tannedbaldhead 26 November 2009

Re: Jag Land Rover's 'green attack'

Notiron wrote:

He posts some smug supercilious rubbish once every six months. Could you make it once every six years?

More negativity.

Notiron 26 November 2009

Re: Jag Land Rover's 'green attack'

RobotBoogie wrote:

You know, about every six months, I start posting here and then, like clockwork, within a week I am dumbstruck by not just the poor standard of debate but the general level of rancour.

Witness this thread - it's a response to a story about JLR's low CO2 initiatives. Within six posts, it has degenerated into a home for a cat singing about climate change denial (who needs science when you've got a musical moggy?) and some strange nationalist name calling.

Merry Christmas and see you all in May 2010.

He posts some smug supercilious rubbish once every six months. Could you make it once every six years?

ThwartedEfforts 26 November 2009

Re: Jag Land Rover's 'green attack'

zthomasz wrote:

Re-read my comment carefully.

actually, I re-read his comment which made it all clear. I do beg your pardon!