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Company predicts buoyant June sales figures

Hyundai has predicted its June sales figures will "send shockwaves through the industry".

Hyundai says it has sold 11,500 cars under the scrappage scheme and initial, unconfirmed reports already suggest it has out-sold Vauxhall in retail sales, with only Ford out-performing it in this sector.

Hyundai out-selling Vauxhall

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“We had plans in place to make sure we were ready for scrappage, but the level of demand has shocked people who have been in the industry for decades," said Tony Whitehorn, managing director of Hyundai UK said.

Hyundai's buoyant statement comes after the first of four ships loaded with new Hyundais docked at Tilbury in Essex and unloaded 1100 i10 city cars.

Further boats loaded with similar numbers of i10s and i20 models are due to arrive over the next three weeks.

Every car on board the boats has already been assigned to a paying customer, and additional stocks have already been ordered to meet demand.

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