Currently reading: Hyundai leads scrappage sales
Company figures suggest Hyundai and Ford lead the field

Hyundai has sold the highest number of cars under the scrappage scheme, according to manufacturers' figures.

News agency Reuters contacted major car manufacturers and asked them how many cars they had sold under the scrappage scheme between 22 April to 17 June.

Hyundai out-selling Vauxhall

The government has already said 60,000 cars in total have been sold under the scheme.

Hyundai is believed to be doing so well because of it's budget Hyundai i10 model being available for less than £5000 under scrappage, and the reassurance of its long warranty deals.

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Scrappage sales, according to company estimates:Hyundai 8246Ford 8050Toyota 7800Kia 7300VW 4591Vauxhall 3909Nissan 3202Renault 2600Peugeot 2500Citroen 2500Honda 2335BMW/Mini 1722Mazda 1355Volvo 1161Chevrolet 950

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