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Deal to sell to Chinese firm collapses over green credentials
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24 February 2010

General Motors will wind down Hummer after a deal to sell it to Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Company colalpsed

Sichuan Tengzhong agreed to buy Hummer last June for an estimated £100 million, but the deal is reported to have collapsed when it couldn't convince the Chinese Government that it could make Hummer more fuel efficient.

John Smith, vice president of corporate planning and alliances at Hummer owner GM, said: "GM will now work closely with Hummer employees, dealers and suppliers to wind down the business in an orderly and responsible manner."

GM, which will continue to honour Hummer warranties, had hoped that the sale to Tengzhong would save up to 3000 jobs at Hummer factories and dealerships in the US. Hummer’s existing management had planned to stay with the company under its new owners.

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25 February 2010

Generally more variety and more choice can only be a good thing, but i am not that suprised that GM cant find a taker for Hummer. I cant see the same upset that GM caused with this process with SAAB, and i guess the days of Hummer are numbered.

25 February 2010

Goodbye and Good Riddance. The military vehicles look great charging around a desert or with Robbie Gordon winning Dakar stages, BUT the "cars" themselves were just dreadful. Typical yank tank rubbish. I can't see VW, Land Rover, Porsche or BMW pulling out of the big 4x4 market. They actually all invest in engineering. GM? They just churn out the same rubbish year in and year out, and hey presto find they've been left behind. I won't lament seeing less converted stretched Hummer limos stuffed full of vain kids who think they've made it. The markets sort themselves out eventually, no customers - no business. When are GM going to have a success story I wonder?

25 February 2010

Sounds like GM have recycled the old Saab press release & just replaced the word Saab with Hummer! Lol. I for one am not sad to see Hummer go, & I am a 4x4 fan. I just think Hummers are the tackiest vehicles imaginable, I cant see how they would appeal to anyone over the age of 8. Plus they are tiny inside, which is stupid. I dont mind big vehicles but they should at least be slightly practical. Plus no-one with any money is going to want to buy a car associated with tacky hen nights!!!

25 February 2010

Boo-hoo, I'm going to cry. Actually, I'm not. I'd have more respect for Hummer if it had stuck with the cramped, unrefined but incredibly capable military version - especially the portal axles (I have a thing for portal axles!). Instead they took an underperforming SUV, stuck a bigger engine in, Hummer body on and sold them to rednecks. The number of them you see around here on massive alloys, lots of chrome, a row of yellow lights along the roof and some idiot at the wheel is genuinely quite worrying. "Amusingly" in one of our first snow falls this winter of the vehicles that ended up in our ditch SUVs were heavily represented and we even had an H2 Hummer in there. Weight, height and ice don't work well together (neither do low profile tyres, all-season tyres and driving quickly because you have a feeling of invincibility in your big 4x4)

25 February 2010

Whilst I guess its not a surprise, I think its quite a shame. Hummer was a truly unique brand with not much else like it around, and whilst for most there are far more suitable vehicles, there has always been an element of theatre surrounding the Hummer. When you see one its jaw dropping, perhaps not so much in the US where most cars are big but definately over here.

Around here I only seeperhaps 2 or 3 Hummers a year but everytime I do see one I cant help but smile!

I will miss them purely for their outrageous value.

25 February 2010

Perfect opportunity now for a Russian oligarch to pick up a bargain! Seriously, Hummer would be perfect for the Russian market and at £100 million, several Russian billionaires could pick it up for their pocket change.

Watch this space..... (although I don't see any "Save Hummer" protests and convoys coming!)

25 February 2010

Cant help myself........winding down a car that wound most people up.

Still very popular here in Bahrain especially with humongous chrome wheels and running lights but will not be sad to see em go . I mean who uses leaf springs on cars these days apart from American gas guzzlers.

25 February 2010

if you own a big black 4wd it means your environmentally friendly.

25 February 2010

This is great news, in fact it's probably the best bit of automotive news I've heard this year so far. GM sell off a great brand in SAAB and then get rid the army surplus brand. An old boss of mine bought the H3 for his wife!!!! she said it was her dream car (I would rather have a horse and cart, cheaper more reliable and similar ride quality).

Thank god they are going.

25 February 2010

[quote sorrel]Perfect opportunity now for a Russian oligarch to pick up a bargain! [/quote] There is absolutely zero chance that GM and the US Govt will let the Russians, or indeed anyone who knows a Russian, buy Hummer. Sadly, I think it's dead. At least the drug dealers and stretch limo owners will lose out.

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