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GM generated over one million test drive requests

General Motors China’s massive investment in a huge display at the Shanghai World Expo has paid off, according to company boss, Kevin Wale.

"Over the past six months, GM has defined for many the direction of the automotive industry," Wale said.

More than 70 million people visited the Expo, with over two million visiting GM, of which the company generated approximately 1.2 million test drive requests.

During Expo 2010, which began on May 1, SAIC and GM showcased their vision of sustainable urban mobility in the year 2030.

The company's award-winning pavilion introduced a future of driving free from petrol, emissions, accidents and congestion.

"We have shown the world the possibilities of a greener, safer, and more convenient society in which the automobile and General Motors will continue to play an important role," Wale continued.The most popular models on GM's display were the EN-V, an electric-networked vehicle, and the Ye-z, a zero-emissions concept.

The EN-V concept car, an upright two-seat urban runabout promises a brighter, cleaner, cleverer and more convenient future for the city car. Standing at six-feet tall, it offers space for two passengers, with an electric range of 25 miles, according to the company. Read more about GM's EN-V concept car

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thebaldgit 10 November 2010

Re: GM’s Expo success

An interesting idea from GM, proving that an old company is prepared to think of different ideas to generate interest in their products especially as it is in a country with a fast increasing car consumption.