Source tells Autocar jobs won't be slashed
11 September 2009

Predictions that jobs will be slashed in the UK as a consequence of the Vauxhall/Opel sell-off have been challenged by GM sources.

One GM source told Autocar that the future of the Ellesmere Port plant was safe "for years to come" because of it lead role in producing the new-generation Astra.

"Ellesmere Port is probably the best GM plant in Europe. It is regularly rated in GM Europe as number one for quality, productivity, low warranty claims and even low energy use. It’s a great place to build cars as well as to export them’ the source said.

"It is run incredibly tightly. There’s an argument that says you couldn’t cut back any further and keep the facility running properly."

However, one trade union source at the Ellesmere factory was quoted as saying he expected Magna - the new owners of Vauxhall/Opel – to cut as many as 800 jobs, equivalent to 40 per cent of the existing workforce.

The GM source also suggested that there had recently been "positive talks" between Renault and Vauxhall/Opel about the post-2012 future of the Luton van plant. Luton is widely regarded as particularly vulnerable.

The Unite union claims that the Magna buyout team was targeting Britain for substantial job cuts, partly because it had made promises to the German government about preserving jobs in Opel’s homeland.

British Government ministers they are prepared to talk to Magna over the next few weeks about financial help and the scope of any changes to the Vauxhall’s production facilities.

General Motors’ sources say they although the company will collaborate with Vauxhall/Opel on the production and future engineering of the Insignia and new Astra, the American giant will now concentrate on growing the Chevrolet business in the European market.

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Chevrolet will be positioned as a strict value brand through new models such as the Cruze, while Magna will continue to try and push Opel/Vauxhall upmarket.

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11 September 2009

GM should have a 'little extra' to become involved again with Ellesmere Port. For instance, some sort of public private partnership that focuses on personal mobility and car travel in the near future, rather than manufacturing cars and saving jobs. That's what every automaker does and that's way too defensive to make it nowadays. Extraordinary circumstances require exceptional initiatives and ideas.


11 September 2009

Possibly the biggest cost reductions and efficiencies to be achieved by Vauxhall/Opel will be the elimination of "Management Charges" imposed by Detroit and with luck a culling of excess management generally.

11 September 2009

[quote newtoybox]

Possibly the biggest cost reductions and efficiencies to be achieved by Vauxhall/Opel will be the elimination of "Management Charges" imposed by Detroit and with luck a culling of excess management generally.


indeed. And yesterday we finally got to see - at the Opel Treuhand press conference in Berlin - GM's main man in this whole Opel/Vauxhall negotiation, Mr John Smith. Dear, dear, a small, balding, tired-eyed, weak-voiced, obviously mono-lingual nothingness of a man. What gives with large corporations with businesses in other countries not at the very least requiring their people to be fluent in that country's lingo and have some gravitas and public relations presence? If Mr Smith was one of GM's finest - must have been if he was thee point man of GM facing off to Merkel & Co. - then it explains a lot why GM was and still is a company unworthy of commercial success and this conversely bodes well for Opel and perhaps Vauxhall's future outside of a majority-owned by GM group, run by passionate car people with commercial skills and ability to move amongst markets/countries effortlessly. A culture that values skills and qualifications over short-term money-making returns for the top few, will in the end prevail. Angela Merkel herself sets the example for this with her fluency in English, Russian and French plus her doctorate in physics.

26 May 2014
The zillion jobs strategy, consequently, today includes a gaping thousand work pit inside it, 200, caused by a clear math mistake that tosses into query the proficiency of the coverage group of Hudak.

The report isn't described appropriately or as demonstrably whilst the Meeting Panel statement, however it continues to be feasible to determine the strategy they adopted. They believed an econometric regression of the amount of provincial GDP, centered on several factors (including plan factors like taxes charges, energy costs, and whether a land was the main american Europe free-trade region). Then he believed the main one-period alter within the degree as guaranteed within the Computer system of GDP likely to derive from altering these numerous feedback factors. These modifications in GDP were next changed into anticipated modifications within the degree of work about the foundation of a work multiplier (acquired from a work regression which Zycher additionally believed). (Zycher uses another and far stranger strategy to estimation the results of decreasing rules; the outcome continues to be calculated like a transform within the degree of GDP and work.) It's obvious that both change in GDP and also the related change in work are one time snowballing results ensuing (after whichever amount of realignment is needed -- Zycher doesn't stipulate this) in the simulated plan change. The Computer specialized backgrounder offers additional within the work estimations from these modifications (FIVE,048 from energy cost cutbacks, 199 from free-trade using american Europe, and ten,600 from regulating decrease) as occurring in every year of the ten-year plan.

There has been numerous evaluations created between that of his coach, Paul Harris and Hudak is strategy, who rode on guarantee of the "Good Sense Innovation to energy in 1995." Numerous experts get noticed that the present arrange for public-service cuts of Hudak is clearly more severe than Harrisis. But there's another essential distinction between your two strategies.

Obviously, along with that, may be the reality they has not accounted for his guaranteed thousand public-sector work loss, hundred. And they got Sites stated more than 500,thousand jobs to be section of his strategy, which they recognized were likely to be produced anyhow (and therefore may barely be related to Computer guidelines).

It gets greater, since it is obvious the Computer specialized backgrounder created the identical error using the additional one time snowballing work increases which were believed from the two reviews to derive from additional plan steps (including individual tax reductions within the computersA imagined-of next phrase, reduce energy costs, free-trade using american Europe, and reduced amount of the "regulatory load"). Even although you take the results of these two research (that we undoubtedly don't, permanently theoretical and methodological factors), the Conservatives measured re occurring gains in every year when their very own experts were predicting one time snowballing work increases.

Consequently, the zillion guaranteed jobs offers reduced thousand jobs, to 200. So when we begin going for a difficult consider the modeling strategy behind each one of the leftover figures in his strategy (particularly by carefully critiquing the strategy utilized in Zycheris document, which in several values is weird and ideological -- uphold regarding additional focus on this), these leftover jobs are likely to vanish fairly rapidly also.

This team of computers, in comparison, farmed away their evaluation (mostly to some U.S. economist lengthy related to extreme-right-side claims and triggers), and could not actually properly translate the outcomes they themselves commissioned. Not just is the plan system additional severe than Harrisis of Hudak. It's additionally obvious that his plan group is slightly as incapable.

These paperwork are not found by any surprise I can not about the Computer site.

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