Ford has announced that there are no plans by the company to produce a Focus coupé
3 December 2010

Ford has announced that there are no plans by the company to produce a coupé version of its new Focus.

The announcement comes after recent internet speculation claiming the car would make its debut as a concept at next month's Detroit motor show before going on sale in 2012.

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Mike Schirmer, Ford’s communications manager, commented in a post on the new Focus’s Facebook page: “Wild speculation about a Focus coupé is making the rounds on websites in Europe. I can tell you right now - and the coupé lovers hate to hear this - but there are no plans for this model.”

Clarifying his comments with Automobile magazine, Schirmer added: “There are no plans for any coupé or three-door hatch or whatever you want to call it.

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3 December 2010

Leaves the door wide open for the Astra GTC

3 December 2010

Disappointing. It works for VW (Sirocco) and Volvo (C30), so why not? A 3 door hatch/coupe would sell pretty well in Europe I'm sure, if not the US.

3 December 2010

Awwww, and Auto Expend told us it was the new Capri.

Where has all Japanese design went to?

3 December 2010

[quote splashtech]It works for VW (Sirocco) and Volvo (C30), so why not?[/quote] As the cars grow in size, the sales of 3dr C-Segment is falling since years, I think it is about time to axe such models, including the boom-and-bust CC versions. On the other hand, B-Segment 3dr sales are growing and that's where new niches might open up.

6 December 2010

It would be a pity if Ford do not make a Focus coupe, I would have thought that the economies of scale would help it make a profit and would provide Ford with a halo car as they seem to be unwilling to make a real sporty coupe. Wonder if Auto spress forget their scoop.

6 December 2010

Quiet agree lifer, here was me looking forward to a name from the past being stuck on the rump of a Ford!, namely Capri!, hands up who wouldn't want the name revived?.

Peter Cavellini.

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