Currently reading: Ford to limit Econetic range
No current plans for eco Kuga, Ka or S-Max

Ford is not planning to extend its Econetic range to the Ka, Kuga or its MPVs.

A spokesman for the car maker said it would only be applied to the Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo because there is not enough customer demand for greener versions of the other models.

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The Econetic treatment, which features aerodynamic and engine tweaks, cuts fuel consumption but adds a small price premium.

Ka buyers were more interested in a low list price, while customers of the Kuga or MPVs like the S-Max didn’t feel economy was a priority, said the spokesman.

A Ford hybrid for the UK is also not being lined-up, despite the firm selling hybrids in the US.

The thinking, according to Ford, is that diesel is far more popular here than in America and can deliver just as good economy.

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