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Focus ST joins Civic Type-R in being axed due to falling foul of Euro 5 regulations

The Ford Focus ST has become the latest hot hatch to be axed due to Europe’s tightening emissions standards.

The 2.5-litre turbo five-pot in Ford Focus ST has joined the 2.0-litre unit from Honda’s Civic Type R in falling short of the Euro 5 standard, which becomes a mandatory minimum for new cars next January.

The ST’s four-cylinder successor is likely to make its debut at October’s Paris show.

UK production of the Honda Civic Type R will end in October because Honda has decided to remove it from UK price lists rather than make the necessary engine changes. More than 12,000 Civic Type R units have been sold in the UK since January 2007.

Sales of the Civic Type R will carry on in the UK until December and It will continue to be sold outside of the EU for much of next year, although a new generation has yet to be confirmed.

Other Euro 5 victims include the 3.2 V6 in the Alfa Brera, the Mazda RX-8 and the VW Group’s 5.0 V10 turbodiesel.


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lrh 24 August 2010

Re: Ford Focus ST axed

OK there is some poorly worded information out there but Jan 2011 is the deadline for ALL NEW CARS. Why else would manufacturers be dropping engines if they didn't have to? With effect from 1 January 2011... national authorities shall, in the case of new vehicles which do not comply with this Regulation... consider certificates of conformity to be no longer valid... relating to emissions or fuel consumption, refuse registration and prohibit the sale and entry into service of such vehicles.

Amanitin 23 August 2010

Re: Ford Focus ST axed

beachland2 wrote:
The Euro 5 limits will reduce emissions of particulates from diesel cars by 80% compared to Euro 4.

I would love to see the methodology for this. Do they trap soot and use a scale? I bet they do.

veedubya 23 August 2010

Re: Ford Focus ST axed

Johnnytheboy wrote:

ethnotechnic3 wrote:

beachland2 wrote:

the new car will be better for our health and quicker, lighter, better handling, performance etc. is that less fun?

The new car will be a turbo charged 4 cylinder no doubt, which will sound rubbish

It won't sound as good as the current 5 pot, and that's for sure

Sold my ST2 2 or 3 years ago when it was 18 months old and I have missed it ever since one of the most enjoyable cars I've had and in no small part because of the 5-pot turbo - it sounded fantastic. Although I welcome a 4 cylinder turbo in the new Focus as it will no doubt be lighter and will improve handling, for me the appeal of the current model is the engine.