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Previous government's £5000 electric car subsidy may not be backed by the new government

The planned £5000 green car subsidy and government support for the British car industry could be under threat, according to new business secretary Vince Cable.

Cable was speaking at Toyota’s Derbyshire plant for the launch of the new Auris hybrid when he said that the government has not yet made a decision on whether it will implement the £5000 per car, low emissions subsidy that was promised by Gordon Brown’s previous Labour government.

The grant is something many manufacturers say is essential if Britain is to become a world centre for the production of low emission vehicles.

Cable went on to say that Britain’s carmakers were no longer in an “emergency situation”, and the government “can’t go round waving a chequebook at British industry”.

Cable also mentioned General Motors’ plan to build the Vauxhall/Opel Ampera at Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port plant in Merseyside, saying that GM has not yet approached the government for a grant but that such a project “shouldn’t depend on government support” and “we can’t give money to every company that asks for it”.

This comes after the new coalition government secured financial support for Nissan and Ford to further develop new technologies earlier this month.

Tom Gregory


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beachland2 29 June 2010

Re: Electric car subsidy 'under threat'

The EU may completely scrap the biofuel directive, as it has been brought to their attention that it causes more co2 than normal fuel and promotes food shortages worldwide.

WooDz 29 June 2010

Re: Electric car subsidy 'under threat'

Actually the government is subsidising out petrol as it's blended with 10% ethanol which will increase to 15% by 2020 as part EU regs to have 15% or transport running on Bio-fuels. So instead of helping create a proper Bio-fuel infrastructure the government has every vehicle running of 15% ethanol. Whether the some cars can actually run on such a blend is a different matter. Unfortunately it's the owner who will bare the brunt if it can't as the piston heads crack under the extra heat.

What am I getting at? If the government is going to sub anything I'd prefer them to invest in bio-fuels and hydrogen.

Los Angeles 29 June 2010

Re: Electric car subsidy 'under threat'

il sole wrote:
With regards to hating EVs, well that's probably because most of us who drive 'normal' cars are fed up to the back teeth of being told by sanctamonius tree hugging, lentil and tofu eating lefties that we're killing the planet simply by going about our daily business. leave us alone, let us use all the oil up, then we'll be happy to drive in EVs.
No you won't. Have the courage of your convictions. Hate 'em now, hate 'em always.

I love the way anybody espousing a different view is tarred a tree-hugging, tofu eating, leftie? What happened to: unwashed, sandal wearing, beardie?

Seriously, there's hardly a left wing government in power in all of the EEC, and certainly none running the UK, yet that stupid phrase is still prime issue. And it comes from those who demand the right to chose the car they want using their own money, but anybody exercising that right and choosing an EV or a hybrid is a ...


Tree hugging, tofu eating, unwashed, sandal wearing, bearded leftie!