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Seven cars have been selected to contend for the title of European Car of the Year 2014; entrants include BMW i3, Skoda Octavia and Citroën C4 Picasso
Darren Moss
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16 December 2013

The European Car of the Year shortlist for 2014 has been announced.

An initial list of 32 nominees has been whittled down to leave just seven cars in the frame to take the title. The jury, which consists of representatives from 23 countries, is looking for "the most outstanding new car to go on sale in the [last] 12 months". 

The shortlist for the European Car of the Year 2014 consists of:

BMW i3 - We've been impressed by the new i3, which forms the first entry in a new range of electric and hybrid vehicles from BMW. In both its pure EV and range-extender forms, the stylish rear-wheel-drive city car aims to appeal to both the environmentally conscious and car enthusiasts. With its impressive economy figures (up to 100 miles of real-world range in the EV model) and contemporary feel, the i3 should be able to do just that.

Citroën C4 Picasso - We may have only given the new C4 Picasso 3.5 stars in our review, but this second-generation MPV is still a worthy contender on the European Car of the Year shortlist. With the aim of moving the Citroën brand upmarket, the company has endowed the C4 Picasso with plenty of style, and more than enough practicality to take the MPV fight to rivals like the Ford C-Max and Renault Scenic.

Mazda 3 - If both the CX-5 and new 6 were warm up acts for Mazda, the latest 3 is the main event. Manufactured using the strong and versatile SkyActiv platform, the Mazda 3 is versatile, well balanced and economical enough to rival the best in the hatchback class. In fact, the only downsides we could find in our review were the diminutive boot and the somewhat dull interior.

Mercedes-Benz S-class - Is the latest Mercedes S-class still the self-proclaimed "best car in the world"? It's certainly close, acheiving a coveted five-star rating in our road test. The new S-class has an excellent ride, one of the best interiors we've come across and glides along with all the quietness and serenity you'd expect from a flagship Mercedes. It's the classic S-class limousine, expertly realised in its latest form.

Peugeot 308 - The second-generation Peugeot 308 is both bigger and better than the car it replaces. It may lack the more astute handling of its peers, but this is still a very capable family hatchback. From its upmarket cabin to its new strut/torsion beam suspension setup, the new 308 has reduced the gap between itself and the hatchback class leaders to a point where it might present a serious challenge for class supremacy.

Skoda Octavia - The already spacious and practical Octavia has taken a step up in size for its latest generation, and while it may lack in dynamic appeal the amily Skoda makes up for it with large amounts of space and excellent interior quality. It's a good value car, too, offering plenty of metal for its £15,990 asking price.


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Tesla Model S - The all-electric Tesla Model S is a landmark car in every sense. Its looks alone prove that this is another step forward for electric cars, but can it be easy to live with, too? Absolutely, the Model S gives practical real-world range alongside enough comfort and ease of use to rival others in the luxury saloon class. Perhaps the success of the Model S comes in the fact that of the electic cars we've tested, only two have managed to complete our full set of track tests, photo shoots and assessments without the assistance of a trailer. Both of those cars have been made by Tesla.

Models on the shortlist will now be subjected to an intensive test drive regime, before the overall winner is announced at the Geneva motor show in March.

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16 December 2013
So long as it's not an EV, I'm happy.

16 December 2013
[quote=Ray60]So long as it's not an EV, I'm happy.[/quote] I think the i3 is a likely winner....

16 December 2013
Tesla. It changes the whole car ownership paradigm. The others are just more of the same, other than the i3, which is just another piece of dross from BMtroubleyou.

17 December 2013
You Tesla fans wont give up. What exactly is so game changing about this car? It cost 2-3 times more than the smaller electric cars so it's NO wonder it's more luxurious and has longer range. It's like me saying the Audi A8 is much better than A3. The reason is it's much more expensive.

And you promote a car almost none of you Tesla fans can afford or DRIVE anywhere but in the city because it's very expensive and there are no super chargers anywhere. Again, it's like me saying A8 is a great car but there are no gas stations anywhere, but you can fill it up at your home and it takes 15-16 hours every time.

Would you hurry and buy an A8 under those conditions? Dose it feel like a game changer now? The i3 is a much better car for city driving. It was designed for that in the first place and suits city driving conditions much better. And now that the big companies see there is a market for EV cars they will flood the market. In best case Tesla will remain the niche car they are now.

16 December 2013
i doubt the i3 will win, it only scored 4 stars on the NCAP, it would not look good to promote a car that's safety is not as good as it should be,

16 December 2013
The best cars are missing ie RRSport and F Type imo

16 December 2013
308 and Mazda 3 (yes I know it has a 4 into 1 exhaust and other highly advanced gimmicks called SkyActive. LOL) are just there to make up the numbers, they'll both be forgotten about by Christmas.

16 December 2013
[quote=Darren Moss]The looking for "the most outstanding new car to go on sale in the [last] 12 months"[/quote] Well then, that should be easy...the S-Class! :p It probably won't win though...IMO the Tesla has a good chance though, followed by the BMW and Mazda.

16 December 2013
I would love to see the C4 or 308 win this. The C4 in particular is a really great product.

16 December 2013
So the SEAT Leon didnt make it to short list even though its a better car, according to last week's Autoexpress than the 308.


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