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One in five of Brits surveyed by Admiral want the driving age raised to 21
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14 July 2010

Almost one-in-five Brits want the the legal driving age raised to 21.

This is according to the Admiral Survey of British Motorists 2010.

The majority of the 2100 motorists surveyed believe the legal driving age should be raised from 17, with 19 per cent saying 21 should be the new limit.

The survey also found the number of motorists who are in favour of lowering all residential speed limits to 20mph has increased to 38 per cent from 30 per cent in 2009.

Almost six in 10 think the motorway speed limit should be increased to 80mph, but only 16 per cent think more speed cameras should be installed.

One-in-five motorists saying they would use toll roads if they were quicker and a quarter think more towns and cities should consider congestion charging.

Andrew Papworth


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14 July 2010

It would make a good difference. But ideally there should be another way to allow young people on the roads but with more restrictions.

20mph is a good plan aslong as speed bumps are made illegal under uk law.

i hate speed bumps they wear out your suspension and bushes etc even when going over them at 10mph.

14 July 2010

Its a completely stupid idea and very short sighted of the people who support it who must have forgotted how much they use their car when they were 17,18,19,20,21 - I know plenty of people under 21 who use cars to get to work, to get to university, have independance, support themselves etc. what you supposed to do until you are 21? And there are plenty of sensible drivers under 21, just the odd few idiots. Education is the answer, not just banning them outright.

Besides, many of the idiots would still act the same at 21. Your just postponing it for a few years.

Plus, 21 must be like the highest driving age limit in the world surely? Thats like 25% of your life gone before you can even learn to drive! In some US states the driving age is 14. Not saying thats the best idea, but you cant make people wait till 21.

14 July 2010

21 is stupidly high. When you have to work, you have to be mobile, not everyone wants to ride a scooter or travel on the often-woefully-inept public transport system. The experience has to be gained somewhere, take the age up and you just increase the number of illegal drivers 'going for a spin after dark'

Surely it would be much better to impose restrictions on newly qualified drivers - whether that be the vehicles they can drive, the hours they can drive or the places they can drive. Also, why not give some kind of 'novice' status (like in motor racing) with a further test after one year of trouble-free motoring?

14 July 2010

why not introduce the NI system, here once you pass your test you put up R plates. These restrict you to 45mph for a year.

21 is way too high, again theres an assumption here that a car is aluxury rather than a neccessity

14 July 2010

It is a stupid idea but let's put it into a bit of context - for one thing around 2000 people surveyed.....yeah that's a good section of the public, also 'almost' 1 in 5 of them thought it was a good idea, i.e probably somewhere between 17-19% of them.

The restricted speed idea or restricted car types etc would all be worth looking into but would have to be made practical

14 July 2010

Just shows what happens when idiots interpret statistics; 21 year old drivers don`t have less accidents because they`re 21, but because they have had 4 years experience. Put the starting age up to 21 and the cycle would be the same, but 4 years later.

14 July 2010

Saying a 20 year old is not responsible enough to drive is ridiculous & unfair on young people. As other people have said, it is inexperience that causes accidents, regardless of whether someone is 17 or 21, or a 50 year old learning to drive for the first time. All through uni I worked part time as a takeaway delivery driver- young people rely on their cars just as much as over-21s.

Another point- a quarter of people support congestion charging??? Id love to find out who they were surveying as I dont think a survey of people in my town would get the same results! I dont know a single person who thinks congestion charging is fair!

14 July 2010

So they're not allowed drive because they might kill someone including themselves but can have an automatic weapon shoved in their hands and sent off the Afghanistan?

Does that put things in perspective?

14 July 2010

88.2% of statistics are made up on the spot.

14 July 2010

Just wrong. Like any skill the sooner you start learning the better, so upping the age to 21 just means these drivers go through their inexperienced phase later in life while restricting their oppurtunity to travel and be free through 4 of the best years of your life. As mentioned above, education is the answer and if you must have restrictions then things like for the first 2 years of your full license you are restricted to a 50bhp per tonne and until you are 21 you are restricted to 75bhp per tonne. If the restriction is on engine size or BHP you encourage loophole finding, lets be honest 100BHP was hot hatch territory when I was 17 (Nova GTE etc) and plenty of muppets I knew then crashed them. Power to weigjt restriction means you end up in something slow which is the key.

Being young and driving a 1.0 Fiat Panda taught me all about looking ahead to maintain momentum, not using the brakes but using gears, tyres and the right line through corners and roundabouts to keep up the average speed and to save fuel from flooring it to get back up to cruising speed. It helps to explain why I got 45,000 miles out of my Alfa 147's front brake pads and similar mileages in other cars (including 60,000 out of the fronts on a C3!!) ..... driving is a priviledge and to stop people until they are 21 is punishing the many sensible drivers for the actions of a few clowns. Who has also pointed out, tend to stay as crap drivers throughout their life .... yep, thats right ... most of them end up as van drivers. I have no official stats, and naturally the many thousands of Quangoes do not deem reporting on white van man as important but I think if they did they would discover most of todays ills reside within the cab of a Sun / Mirror / Star reading, fag smoking, tattooed, previous convictions for speeding, GBH and cannabis van drivers.



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