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One in five of Brits surveyed by Admiral want the driving age raised to 21

Almost one-in-five Brits want the the legal driving age raised to 21.

This is according to the Admiral Survey of British Motorists 2010.

The majority of the 2100 motorists surveyed believe the legal driving age should be raised from 17, with 19 per cent saying 21 should be the new limit.

The survey also found the number of motorists who are in favour of lowering all residential speed limits to 20mph has increased to 38 per cent from 30 per cent in 2009.

Almost six in 10 think the motorway speed limit should be increased to 80mph, but only 16 per cent think more speed cameras should be installed.

One-in-five motorists saying they would use toll roads if they were quicker and a quarter think more towns and cities should consider congestion charging.

Andrew Papworth

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asian sensation 15 July 2010

Re: 'Driving age should be 21'

Come on!! Think back to when we were teenagers and started driving at 17- it was what every petrol head was waiting for; imagine if they told us to wait until we were 21!! We shouldn't be a nanny state - 17 was good enough for us and is good enough for the modern teens too!!

Mini1 14 July 2010

Re: 'Driving age should be 21'

FriendlyFisherman wrote:
young people scare me and I think they should all be locked away in some form of camp until they are 21, let alone drive!
How VERY rude, insulting and offensive...

Straight Six Man 14 July 2010

Re: 'Driving age should be 21'

rosstopher wrote:

Straight Six Man wrote:
As for suggesting following the Americans' example? In any walk of life, that's a bad and dangerous idea... I'm not on Facebook, but I fully support my sons' membership of the F/B group exhorting HM Gov't to repeal our side of the 1776 American Independence Act and re-colonise America, so we can run their country (something they are largely incapable of) and so we can educate them to read and speak English properly (another thing they are largely incapable of).

I'm going to look for that group!

Here you go: