European law will require daytime running lights on all new cars
1 October 2008

New European laws will force all cars sold in the UK to be fitted with automatic daytime running lights by 2011.

The EU believes that daytime driving lights increase a car’s visibility and help reduce accidents by three to five per cent.

In Scandinavia, the practice of daytime driving with lights on has been commonplace for years. Volvo has long fitted headlights that stay on permanently, and more recently Audi and Peugeot have followed suit with automatic running lights.

Now the system will be a requirement for all major car manufacturers.

Not everyone believes this latest EU safety scheme is a good idea. Tory MEP Timothy Kirkhope told the Times: “There is a concern that drivers start looking out for lights rather than pedestrians and cyclists.”

Will Powell

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1 October 2008

This law has been in place for years now with motorcycles.

1 October 2008

[quote Autocar]New European laws will force all cars sold in the UK to be fitted with automatic daytime running lights by 2011. [/quote]

Initially I hated this idea, as much of the time headlights are unnecessary.

But then I started to think about the number of muppets you (only just) see driving in heavy rain and fog with not so much as sidelights on, and now I think it isn't such a bad idea after all...

The concern about cyclists and pedestrians is surely a moot point: cyclists are legally obligated to be well illuminated too, and a government campaign to encourage pedestrians to wear flourescent clothing and carry torches (which practice is already becoming more prevalent where I live) would address this issue very quickly.

1 October 2008

Hmmm, I'm split on this one. Kind of a good idea for the plonkers who, regardless of the conditions, don't put their lights on until it's night time. Not so good in the middle of bright sunny days when these lights can be dazzling.

Regarding motorbikes, I like the present situation because motorbikes do stand out in the daytime. Once this ruling comes in they'll blend back into the bulk of the traffic, and that can't be a good thing.


1 October 2008

So the EU have now seen what Sweden saw about thirty years ago. Great to be part of cutting edge governance.


1 October 2008

Damn! harder to spot that police Volvo sneaking up on you.. (many cops have worked out how to turn them off anyway)

Audi drivers must be crying over their christmas tree lights, soon everyone will have them...not fair!

1 October 2008

What a stupid idea - just ask a (part-time) biker. The moment everybody has their lights on in traffic nobody sees yours.

1 October 2008

What's next?


Where has all Japanese design went to?

1 October 2008

This is the law in Sweden because it's dark for half the year. There is simply no need in the majority of countries.

As a biker I dread this as I will now become harder to distinguish from other traffic. I think I'll have to ride everywhere with full beam on.

2 October 2008

[quote oaffie]As a biker I dread this as I will now become harder to distinguish from other traffic. I think I'll have to ride everywhere with full beam on.[/quote]

How do you distinguish yourself from the rest of the traffic when visibility is reduced at the moment then, you know, such as at night? I understand the predicament but surely your lights should be just an additional accessory to safer riding in all conditions.

The answer to the problem from personal experience at least is for most (not all) bikers to realise that your lights do not project an amazing force field of indestructibility. Even less the "I'm barging through so move" effect so evidently believed by a similar number of bikers.

Two wheels and illumination does not neccessarily give you the god given right to overtake (or under-take) at all times in all conditions.


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