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Struggling US brand will stop selling cars in the UK from 2017 due to poor sales and an unappealing product range with high CO2 emissions
Mark Tisshaw
2 mins read
17 March 2015

Chrysler will stop selling cars in the UK in 2017.

Speaking to Autocar, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' deputy UK managing director Karl Howkins revealed that dealers were informed of the decision yesterday and the company would now be focusing on other brands in its range, including a revitalised Jeep.

The decision had been taken, according to Howkins, because the Chrysler product portfolio no longer appealed to UK car buyers and the CO2 emissions of the products that were offered were too high.

"The Jeep Renegade is more important to focus on as the volume is much higher," he said. "Plus there are more new Alfa and Fiat products coming that we need to focus on."

Chrysler has had a troubled few years in the UK, and sales have been dwindling, dropping below 2000 units last year. Back in 2012, sales stood at almost 3500 units. 

Chrysler has traditionally been packaged alongside Jeep in UK dealerships, but some of its recent product offerings have been badge-engineered models sourced from Lancia, including the Ypsilon city car and Delta hatchback.

These models never resonated with UK buyers, and the Delta was withdrawn from sale in the UK last January, as revealed at the time by Autocar. At that time, however, Chrysler said it would continue its presence in the UK, but that decision has now been reversed. 

It has had more limited success in the past with models such as the 300C saloon and Grand Voyager seven-seat MPV, but these models' fall in popularity has coincided with the a market shift away from large saloons and MPVs and towards towards SUVs.

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17 March 2015
Only this time they will not be missed. Very sad how a once great company should descend into this, I hope that Alfa Romeo doesn't go the same way...

17 March 2015
If Chrysler is out of UK and no more Grand Voyagers ... The candidates will now have the go around London in Lord Sugar's Rolls Royce

17 March 2015
They didn't develop the 300C after launch and it wasn't all that great to start with. The Voyager is even older and outclassed - the competition has completely leap-frogged them, even in the dwindling MPV class.

ironrose wrote:

If Chrysler is out of UK and no more Grand Voyagers ... The candidates will now have the go around London in Lord Sugar's Rolls Royce

They prefer sliding door vans which limits their choice somewhat! Perhaps a Volkswagen Caravelle or Mercedes-Benz V-Class? How very German...

17 March 2015
Can't remember the last time I saw a new Chrysler. Pity.

17 March 2015
2017 is rumoured to be when the new emissions testing arrived.

I'm somewhat surprising Chrysler are pulling out then since their Grand Voyager should actually suffer much less. Looking around it appears current real world MPG/CO2 figures are about 5MPG less than claimed, compared to ~15MPG for rivals like the VW Sharan.

I suppose by then it'll be nine years old, and the second generation 300C and Ypsilon aren't very compelling models. If there's nothing in the pipeline that fits Chrysler's American image with UK quality it makes sense to shut the brand down and sell the models under Fiat/Alfa/Jeep.

17 March 2015
Hands up who is surprised?,usually you can tell how popular a car is by how many you see?!,hmmm?, wait a minute!

17 March 2015
if they are pinning the sales hope on some of the butt ugly vehicle releases from Jeep of late then not a lot will change.
FCA might want to actually start delivering some customer service as well as there is too much choice out there now. Jeep faithful are abandoning them and I dont see that many new people going to the brand!

17 March 2015
fatboyfat wrote:

Jeep faithful are abandoning them and I dont see that many new people going to the brand!

I thought it was a pretty nice car. The external looks aren't particularly bad. The grille doesn't suit it, but the same is true of the Captur and that's sold well.

It was a likeable car inside though and I'd certainly consider it if I was in that market. It's high price and jeep's reputation might cause poor sales, but the car itself seemed up to scratch.

17 March 2015
The irony is that had Fiat done what is was originally going to do back in 2009 and bought Lancia back to the UK (properly that is with actual Lancia badges), it would have sold a whole hell of a lot more Deltas and Ypsilons than it did with Chrysler badges grafted onto the front. These days brands are worth so much and Lancia is still a valuable brand, yet Fiat has consigned it to Italy only, madness, stupidity, Marchionne will regret it.

17 March 2015
Fatboyfat above quite clearly has not seen the Jeep sales in the UK, last year they achieved record numbers and so far this year they are up on last year, with the Renegade and other new/refreshed models due, sales can and will only go one way, and thats up.

before you comment you should at least know what sales numbers are for a brand is thats you only argument.


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