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US-built Alfas and Fiats to be built in North America and sold in Europe

Chrysler will build Alfa Romeos in North America for European markets, resulting in 5000 job cuts in Italy, according to a report.

Automotive News Europe is reporting that the move will affect jobs in three Italian plants and around a quarter of the firm's workforce there.

The Chrysler plant where the Alfas will be built has not been named, but it will be in North America and build cars for that market and Europe. It is expected it will build the 159 replacing Giulia saloon and estate, a new large crossover and a rear-drive Alfa 166 replacement.

It has previously been confirmed that Chrysler will build Chrysler and Dodge vehicles to be sold in Europe as rebadged Fiats and Lancias in plants in the US, Canada and Mexico.

In addition, the 300C saloon, Sebring saloon and cabrio and Voyager minivan will be rebadged as Lancias and sold in Italy from 2011. They will also be sold as Chryslers outside Italy.

The Dodge Nitro will be rebadged and sold in Europe by this year, and the Journey crossover will bgo on sale in Europe in spring 2011.

The move is part of a rationalisation of Fiat's operations in Italy; its five plants currently built 14 different Alfa, Fiat and Lancia models, but that will decrease to nine models in 2012.

In addition, Fiat has already said it will close its facility at Termini Imerese, Sicily at the end of 2011, at the cost of 1400 jobs.

Fiat said in a statement that media speculation about its future product plans was "premature and groundless."

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supermanuel 26 March 2010

Re: Chrysler to build Alfa Romeos

fhp11 wrote:
I want any manufacturer who offers somthing different to the German "everything must look the same" attitude and the Japanese "You cant have style in a car" attitude, to do well!

Absolutely bang on.

fhp11 25 March 2010

Re: Chrysler to build Alfa Romeos

theonlydt wrote:
They are supposed to be doing a complete overhaul of the Sebring, despite not being anywhere near far enough in its life cycle to traditionally get that level of attention. Someone informed Chrysler it's crap and for once they listened. I'll reserve judgement until the updated models arrive. Unless it's a 200% improvement (300% for the cabrio) it's going to sell like a Chrysler...

I think now that Chrysler have gotten rid of their Daimler roots, they will start coming out with some much better products. I really think/know Daimler damped their creativity and prevented them from using updated tech. Now they are free of that.

Having read the entire Chrysler recovery plan that was presented last year, they really do have some good ideas planned. And dipite what is said about Marchionne, I think he has some really good ideas and is taking a completely different attitude than what Daimler took Working with Chrysler.

With regard to the Sebring/ Avenger, D segment cars, I think they will be much improved, so go the rumors in Detroit. The sebring is getting a complete overhaul. The styling will echo very much the 200c concept, which in my opinion, looked pretty good. Completely revised interior which is supposed to be aiming to better lexus quality levels. as well as new mechanicals and revised engines + new name also apparently. I think that will be a car we would want on sale in the UK.

The avenger, is apparently recieving only a mild facelift on the exterior, which is fair do's as I think it looks pretty good. But the interior will be completely overhauled.

I wish Chrysler all the best. Hopefully, it will give us some uniquely styled vehicles for sale, that come with decent interiors and mechanicals to boot.

I want any manufacturer who offers somthing different to the German "everything must look the same" attitude and the Japanese "You cant have style in a car" attitude, to do well!

Richard H 24 March 2010

Re: Chrysler to build Alfa Romeos

They are probably publishing the worst case, as far as Italy is concerned.

Then they'll step back a bit and save some of the Italian jobs.

As said above, it makes sense to build abigger Alfa over there, sales will probably be better than in Europe.

We'll see....