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Chinese Rover is a Roewe

The Chinese today (13 October) announced the new name for the Rover 75: it will go on sale in China later this month badged as the Roewe Grand Prestige.

Ford snapped up the Rover name last month, so Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) - which bought the copyright for the Rover 25 and 75 in 2005 – had to create a new brand.

While SAIC has revealed the badge for the new brand, it hasn't yet shown how it will adapt the 75 to transform it into the Grand Prestige.

SAIC has committed more than £700million-worth of investment to develop production of the car for export, but hasn't given a timetable on when, or even if, this will include the UK.

Nanjing Automotive, meanwhile, continues with its plans to restart production of the TF roadster at the former MG Rover plant at Longbridge next year.

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sadia malik 25 October 2020

Its Outstanding

When I saw this car and its features I am impressed by this auto engineering. The shape of the jeep is very attractive and it looks cools on the road when it runs.