Currently reading: China reprieve for R-class
Chinese demand for the Mercedes R-class will continue the model's production until at least 2015

In the first official confirmation that the slow-selling R-class will be retained, Mercedes-Benz chief Dieter Zetsche has said it will continue in its current form until at least 2015. “We need it for the Chinese market,” an insider told Autocar.

Also confirmed in Mercedes’ growing SUV ranks is a BMW X6 rival, called the MLC. Set to be built in the US from 2015, it will receive a unique four-door body riding on modified M-class underpinnings. Engines will include a 571bhp version of AMG’s twin-turbocharged 5.5-litre V8 petrol unit.

Other SUVs due by 2015 include a facelifted GLK, the new M-class, a second-generation GL and heavily revised versions of the G-class, in hard-top and cabriolet body styles.

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matsoc 3 March 2012

Re: China reprieve for R-class

ThwartedEfforts wrote:
Anyone who dismisses the R-Class out of hand clearly hasn't been in one

I agree, the looks may not be for everyone but it's a capable car. A young couple I know owns one, I went with my girlfriend on a skiing weekend with them and I was impressed by how large and hospitable the interior was. The noise insulation was at S-class levels. I remember that the fuel economy was particularly alarming, but it was the petrol V8 4wd, on a such a big and heavy car it can't obviously return good mpg.

ThwartedEfforts 3 March 2012

Re: China reprieve for R-class

I saw this thread go past a week or so back. Anyone who dismisses the R-Class out of hand clearly hasn't been in one. It has the ride of the world's best luxury car courtesy of the same air sprung suspension setup and plenty of oomph thanks to the same diesel engine. With a chip upgrade it'll entertain the kids by seeing off almost everything else at the lights.

Yes the previous generation R was an ugly, bug-eyed sonofabitch but the new one is now merely large and ungainly - a criticism you might level at any of its four-by-snore competitors (e.g. the Q7 or ghastly Range Rover Sport) or indeed cars of the same overall size (e.g. Jaguar XJ). It also offers four seats and a big boot, or seven seats for carrying your kids plus their friends. Because believe it or not, seeing the advantage of a seven seater doesn't mean you have to have five offspring.

It has airliner like interior space, is incredibly well appointed, has the usual wide range of Mercedes options (COMAND, radar cruise, TV and/or factory fit rear entertainment system, etc.) and as someone mentioned earlier, thanks to the snootiness of UK buyers is seriously discounted here - to the point of being a total bargain. There is nothing else on sale that I know of which gives you so many seats and so much value for money in this segment. Pity the car for its looks but not how it feels, nor how it goes.

For the record, no I don't own one

Mario B 27 February 2012

Re: China reprieve for R-class

phatplanet wrote:
I really like the R class, a great alternative to the popular Chelsea Tractors. I think one of the main factors that make the r class fall on its face is the price, it's a bit pricey for a luxury MPV IMO, well at least they will make brilliant 2nd hand buy. It'll be interesting to see what decision MB will take on the r class once it reaches it end of life. If they are going to replace it I hope they will price it a bit cheaper.

I tend to agree but the bug eye headlights simple dont work for me, as it were. Also, it just gives the appearance that it is built without regard to size and weight, though I am sure this is not the case. its about 350kg more than an Smax or Galaxy which does the same thing but in a bit less style, but less than a VW Caravelle. Probably fine for autobahning but not great for multistory carparks etc. all the ones I have seen advertised seem to be 6 seater but I thought they were available initially as 6 or 7 seaters.