Currently reading: Car makers agree EV standards
European charging infrastructure to cater for all EVs by 2017

European car manufacturers have defined a standard specification for connecting electric vehicles to the electricity grid.

A standard European charging point is seen to be crucial for installing a common infrastructure for charging EVs across the continent.

Ivan Hodac, secretary general of the ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers' Association) said: "This is an important step towards the successful deployment of electrically chargeable vehicles. A uniform and user-friendly charging infrastructure is a prerequisite to build a market.

"We want to avoid a situation where customers have to carry a multitude of charging cables to use their vehicles in different cities, regions and countries."

Japanese and South Korean manufacturers have also been closely involved with the development, suggesting that the European specification could ultimately form the basis for a global standard.

A common specification across the EU will become standard for all new EVs by 2017.


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Calorus 5 July 2010

Re: Car makers agree EV standards

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When was the last time anyone bombed Norway? More cash per head than anyone else in the world, more equal than almost everyone else in the world, virtually no military spending, foreign policy which equates to 'Hello, world!' and a counter terrorism department consisting of a young lady named 'Olga' who works part time in the summer holidays...

But no, we endeavour to be the USA's idiot stooge, and, yet worse, we succeed.

Calorus 5 July 2010

Re: Car makers agree EV standards

China are standardising that around the Micro USB!

But we Euros'll have a bigger win!

beachland2 2 July 2010

Re: Car makers agree EV standards

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I dont think street charging will happen anyway, there is no way having cable on a pavement overnight is acceptable. the owner would get hundereds of court cases for suing for accidental trip injuries every month.